Shell to Contribute RM4.2m to Help Covid-19 Relief Efforts
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Shell to Contribute RM4.2m to Help Covid-19 Relief Efforts

Shell Covid-19

Shell Malaysia today announced a partnership with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) and MERCY Malaysia to provide critical relief and assistance for vulnerable communities impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Shell is donating a combined total of approximately RM4.2 million to MRCS and MERCY Malaysia as part of the Company’s Disaster Relief Donation Plan.

This brings the total amount that Shell has spent for COVID-19 related initiatives in Malaysia since the pandemic began to approximately RM8.6 million.

Shell Covid-19

Shell Malaysia’s latest donation of RM4.2 million to MRCS and MERCY Malaysia will support medical front-liners to provide care and treatment and effectively manage growing numbers of COVID-19 patients via measures including:

  • Mobilizing support from volunteers with clinical experience who can support different phases of the patient care process, including training other staff members and providing remote care, as well as ensuring availability of psychosocial support teams for staff members.
  • Setting up expanded health facilities for the provision and supplies of medical equipment, drugs, and clinical supplies to respond effectively, including high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) and other consumables such as oxygen tubings, finger probe pulse oxymeter, and provision of FDA approved oxygen generators.
  • Support national efforts to achieve herd immunity in Malaysia by accelerating vaccination/immunization programmes via measures including providing ambulances services, sick bay, and other essential support for various PPV vaccination centres nationwide.
  • Mobilizing volunteer teams to conduct door-to-door vaccinations, focusing on the bedridden, disabled, and sick people who are unable to go to designated centres for their vaccine shots.
  • Deploying mobile vaccination campaigns for vulnerable and at-risk populations like the undocumented or stateless migrants, homeless, indigenous, and other groups residing in rural areas.
  • Support community programmes for both immediate relief and building long-term resilience via measures including providing immediate food aid and care packages to those who have lost their source of income due to the pandemic.
  • Income-generating projects and skills training for refugees and migrant groups to sell their merchandise either via online marketplace and/or setting up physical shops.
  • Grants worth up to RM10,000 to support single mothers in earning sustainable income with guidance, training and additional support from volunteers.  

Shell’s collaboration with MRCS and MERCY Malaysia covers states in Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah. It is undertaken in the spirit of cross-sector collaboration or a “whole-of-society” approach in the fight against COVID-19.

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