Self-driving Volvo FMX truck is world first
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Self-driving Volvo FMX truck is world first

Volvo Trucks is now taking yet another important step in the development of autonomous vehicles. Over the next year and a half, self-driving autonomous Volvo FMX trucks will be tested in regular operations in the Boliden mine in Kristineberg, Sweden. The aim is to examine how this technology can contribute to safe and productive transports in tough geographically-limited application areas. Just how well the trucks work in their difficult operating conditions can be seen in a new film now available on Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel.

When Volvo trucks pulled the wraps off its autonomous Volvo FMX earlier this year, it attracted considerable interest in the industry. The research and development project of which this truck is a part reveals that self-driving trucks may offer a significant contribution to increased transport efficiency and productivity. For example, ports, mines and other geographically-limited and well-controlled environments with a large proportion of regular, repetitive driving.

Volvo self driving truck in a mine1

The first test site is the Boliden mine in Kristineberg in northern Sweden where the very first self-driving Volvo FMX truck will become operational this autumn. The truck will cover a distance of 7-kilometres, reaching 1,320 metres underground in the narrow mine tunnels, but over the coming year the operation will gradually increase to include another three similar vehicles.


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