Renault Master gets Euro 6 engine
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Renault Master gets Euro 6 engine


The Renault Master from Renault Trucks is now available with a Euro 6 engine. Available in 2.8 to 4.5 ton versions and with engines of 110 to 170 hp, the Master offering maintains its diversity, perfectly satisfying demands in fields such as construction, passenger transport, parcels delivery and also controlled temperature transport with specific packs.

To comply with the regulations, the vehicle incorporates SCR de-pollution technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology which has been used by Renault Trucks on its HGV ranges since 2009.

The SCR system, combined with the injection of Adblue into the exhaust gases, brings about a major reduction in polluting emissions. The 22 L Adblue tank on the Renault Master provides an operating range of up to 12,000 km. To avoid any risk of confusion when filling this tank, it is located on the opposite side to that of the Diesel tank.

This new Master offering, available from 2.8 to 4.5 t and 110 to 170 hp, qualifies for double Euro 6 registration in the Light Duty and Heavy Duty categories. This enables it to incorporate heavy bodywork, such as a cherry picker, for example. Renault Trucks can also supply factory fitted bodywork: flatbed, van body or tipper.


Still with the aim of improving driver comfort, the new Renault Master can be equipped with the Media Nav 2.0 system, which incorporates a 7” tactile navigation screen and an audio system with land-based digital radio, jack plug, USB Bluetooth® connection and a hands-free telephone kit. The system’s cartography can be updated by connecting to a specific website. For added security, it also offers the option of automatically switching headlight settings (from high beam to low beam when a vehicle is detected less than 600 m away) as well as a camera and reversing radar to ensure that maneuvers are carried out under optimal safety conditions.

To further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as improving overall vehicle performance, the Renault Master comes fitted with the Eco-Mode system which, by reducing engine torque, contributes to lower consumption. This operates in conjunction with the Stop&Start system which automatically stops the engine when the vehicle is waiting at a traffic light. It is also equipped with bi-turbo technology, enabling low-pressure turbo and high-pressure turbo to be operated in turn, or simultaneously, to deliver greater torque at low engine speeds (380 Nm from 1500 to 3000 rpm). In addition, the Renault Master boasts the Driver Assist system, which informs drivers of the best moment to change gear.

Finally, since Renault Trucks considers service to be an integral part of its vehicles, the Renault Master offers services corresponding to its everyday functions. For example, the Fast & Pro dedicated service centres provide clients with an area entirely devoted to LCVs, minimising downtime during vehicle repairs and carefully controlling costs. Once again, this enables Renault Master clients to benefit from everything Renault Trucks expertise has to offer when it comes to SCR and Adblue® technologies, already tried and tested on its HGV range. Renault Trucks service quality also covers the Start & Drive servicing contracts offering 4 different degrees of coverage, together with optimised financing and insurance.

The Renault Master belongs to the Renault Trucks Distribution range, the largest of its kind on the market, incorporating the Renault Maxity, the Renault Trucks D Cab 2m, the Renault Trucks D and Renault Trucks D Wide and D Access.

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