Isuzu completes product range with Giga Prime Mover
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Isuzu completes product range with Giga Prime Mover


For the first time, Isuzu has introduced its prime mover; the Isuzu Giga.

With the introduction of the Giga, Isuzu says that its product line up is now complete, as there is a model in every truck segment, ranging from pick up trucks (D-Max), light duty trucks (N-Series), medium duty trucks (F-Series), and prime movers (Giga).

Priced at RM258,800 for the 4×2 variant and RM303,000 for the 6×4 variant (cab and chassis only), the Giga, which is being imported fully from Japan, is powered by the 6UZ1-TCC, 9,839cc Euro 3 Common Rail Direct Injection tubo diesel engine that produces 358hp and 1,422Nm of maximum torque.

Isuzu GIGA PRIME_With Background

While the Giga 4×2 comes with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 18-tonnes, the Giga 6×4’s GVW stands at 23-tonnes. Apart from the prime movers, the Giga range also includes a 6×4 rigid truck (FXZ 360), which costs RM298,000. All Giga models are powered by the same engine and the same nine-speed transmission by ZF.

Isuzu FSR PRO_With Background

In addition to the Giga range, Isuzu also introduced two new variants to the ‘Forward’ Series (F-Series) – the FSR Pro and the FVR Pro. While the FSR Pro is a narrow cab medium duty truck with a GVW of 11-tonnes, the FVR Pro shares the same cab, but comes with a longer wheelbase and a 16-tonnes GVW.

Isuzu FXZ 360_With Background

Both models, which are powered by Isuzu’s 4HK1-TCS four-cylinder, Euro 2 turbo diesel engine that produces 208hp and 638Nm of torque, will be replacing the current FTR33R and the FSR33 respectively. Isuzu says that the new variants are more powerful and more fuel efficient than the outgoing models.

The asking price for the FSR Pro is RM151,300, while the FVR Pro costs RM175,200 (cabin and chassis only)

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