BYD launches Colombia’s first 18-meter high-floor electric bus
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BYD launches Colombia’s first 18-meter high-floor electric bus


BYD has recently held a press conference to announce its first 18-meter high floor pure electric bus in Bogota, Colombia. It is said that the launch was in line with BYD’s strategic moves to expand its new energy vehicles globally.

BYD actively strives to disseminate its safe and environmentally-friendly products to cater for different markets. Its 18m high-floor articulated pure electric bus was specially designed for Bogota Transmilenio BRT system; it carries 160 passengers in full occupation.

By equipping it with its proprietary core advanced technology, the fire-safe, non-toxic, iron-phosphate battery, combined with in-wheel motor drive and regenerative brakes, BYD’s 18-meter pure electric bus offers the most economical solution, and eliminates the uncomfortable jerks and vibrations of conventional diesel buses.

Fred Ni, Vice president of BYD America stated that this bus takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge and features more than 280km driving range on a single charge. This June, the BYD 18-meter pure electric bus will officially start testing in Bogota. BYD’s global expansion of its pure electric vehicles has been outstanding, reaching over 150 cities in 36 countries worldwide.

Gabriel Vallejo López, the Minister of Environment in Colombia spoke highly of BYD pure electric buses. He said that when thinking about how to cope with the greenhouse effect, the first thing to come to mind should be pure electric vehicles.


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