Blueshark expands dealership network in Malaysia
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Blueshark expands dealership network in Malaysia


Blueshark, a pioneering subsidiary of Sharkgulf Technologies Group and creator of the world’s most advanced smart electric scooter the Blueshark R1, recently announced the expansion of its dealership network across Malaysia.

The addition of numerous dealerships nationwide will expand Blueshark’s reach in prioritising the customer experience and provide greater accessibility to cutting-edge electromobility in and beyond the Klang Valley, in the north and south of the country, and in East Malaysia.

Jeff Chong, Group CEO (ASEAN), Blueshark Ecosystem Sdn Bhd said, “We are delighted to welcome so many high calibre and like-minded dealers into the Blueshark family. This is long-awaited but timely, as we focus on growth and expansion this year, firstly with the expansion of our BlueStation battery swapping network to 15 locations throughout the Klang Valley, followed by the expansion of our dealerships to over 30 dealers across 50 plus outlets in eight states throughout Malaysia, with more on the way. Crucially, this widens our coverage across the country, including in East Malaysia and makes Blueshark’s offerings available to as many riders as possible. I am delighted that we are now able to answer the call for a wider presence with the unwavering support of our dealers.

“Such strong support underpins our roll-out strategy in building our presence to leverage our end-to-end ecosystem and BlueStation network across the country to help accelerate EV adoption. With the ongoing MARiiCas RM2,400 EV motorcycle rebate and Blueshark’s other promotions now available to more riders across the country, this will provide fresh impetus to ensure that the benefits of sustainable mobility are not restricted mainly to the Klang Valley”, Jeff continued.

One of the newly appointed dealers is Sin Sum Sun Motor Sdn Bhd, a well-respected and very established motorcycle dealer founded in 1970 in Georgetown, Penang, who have chosen Blueshark to diversify into 2WEVs and to bring electromobility to Penang. “We have been waiting for the right opportunity and the right partner to enter the 2WEV space with. The Penang motorcycle market is one we know very well and Penangites will receive the Blueshark R1 warmly. It is ideal for the tight and busy streets of Georgetown where value reigns supreme, but not at the expense of style, features, and performance. We’re very excited to propel Sin Sum Sun and Penang into the future with Blueshark”, said Ooi Chin Keat, Managing Director of Sin Sum Sun Motor Sdn Bhd.


The dealership expansion also sees the landmark establishment of Blueshark Southern in Johor Bahru, the first Blueshark flagship store outside the Klang Valley. Founded to spearhead Blueshark’s operations in southern Malaysia, Blueshark Southern will offer a full suite of services as a dedicated 3S (Sales, service, spare parts) centre for Blueshark, as well as dealer support and order fulfilment operations in Johor. This is the first of such flagship stores to be established by Blueshark in Malaysia, with more to come in other key locations nationwide.

To celebrate the milestone with as many riders across Malaysia as possible, Blueshark also launched today, a nationwide test-ride campaign to also welcome the new dealerships into the fold. With the “Ride4Free Nationwide Test-Ride Festival”, held from May 15 to June 30 at selected dealerships, Blueshark aims to let the public can get up close with, and test-ride the Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter. Visitors need only test-ride the Blueshark R1 and snap a picture with it, post the photo on their own Facebook page and like and follow Blueshark’s Facebook page and the participating dealer’s page to receive an exclusive Blueshark cap with cover. Additionally, every confirmed purchase of the Blueshark R1 entitles purchasers to an additional RM400 in Boost credits, while stocks last!

Blueshark’s R1 smart electric scooters can access Malaysia’s first commercially available battery swap infrastructure while also being able to recharge from any standard wall socket or simply remove the batteries and charge them via the home charging kit, which is especially useful if access to a wall socket is not immediately available or if one resides in a high-rise building. The multiple charging options enables riders to use the Blueshark R1 to suit many use-cases pending the establishment of more BlueStations in high-demand locations nationwide.

The Blueshark R1 has an impressive range of up to 110km on a single charge (NEDC), with a top speed of up to 90km/h and peak torque of 201Nm. It also offers numerous features and tech previously unheard of on a motorcycle, such as an ADAS system, over 70 sensors, an Internet of Vehicles (IoV) enabled Smart ArkRide OS with HD display, front and rear cameras, GPS/4G and Bluetooth integration, built-in speakers, and more. To provide better access to sustainable urban mobility for all Malaysians, the Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter is offered with a diverse range of ownership options, including outright purchase (from only RM4,790 for the Blueshark R1 Lite, and RM6,990 for the Blueshark R1 with the MARiiCas rebate of RM2,400) with low interest rates and attractive subscription packages for the smart electric scooter as well as the BlueSwap battery subscription plans.

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