BFGoodrich Launches Truck and Bus Tyres for First Time in Malaysia
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BFGoodrich Launches Truck and Bus Tyres for First Time in Malaysia

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Buoyed by its growing market presence in Malaysia after making a comeback early this year, BFGoodrich, today, the third largest tyre brand in the USA, takes the next step in expanding its reach by announcing its BFGoodrich Route Control and BFGoodrich Cross Control range of truck tyres.

BFGoodrich is a legendary American brand that has a history of conquering the elements – from rock walls to desert roads to highways. This experience has been used to build truck tyres for truck & fleet owners who are looking for a great value, reliable tyre, from a manufacturer they can trust.

“Following the launch of our BFGoodrich brand of passenger car tyres, we have been encouraged by the response, the results has been as good as could be expected. “We are fortunate that Malaysians know the BFGoodrich brand well and with this brand awareness, our customers understand that they can get an optimum tyre solution from BFGoodrich that will meet their expectations in terms of quality and reliability and value for money,” said Mr. Alexis Richard, Commercial Director, Truck and Bus at the official launch of BFGoodrich Route Control and BFGoodrich Cross Control at The Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur, Glenmarie.

Mr. Richard added that introducing BFGoodrich truck tyres into the Malaysian market was a momentous occasion for the brand. “We see the market in Malaysia maturing with the steady radialisation of the tyre market, and we aim to build a strong and coherent brand identity for truck owners to connect with the performance features of the two BFGoodrich truck tyre range in the niches in which they work.”

These tyres are built for truck & fleet owners who want a robust product from a brand they can trust, that will keep them rolling worry-free, without too much impact on their wallets.

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BFGoodrich Route Control – Suitable for Regional and Highway application and has been designed with even-pressure contact patch to fight irregular wear, excellent traction in the wet that keeps you going and strong casing for extended usage through retreads.

BFGoodrich Cross Control – Suitable for On/Off Road and has been designed to fight cuts, tears and abrasions, firm grip on gravel, dirt & asphalt as well as built tough to resist bumps and bruises.

Manufactured and supported by the best in the industry, BFGoodrich tyres offer truck and fleet owners a wide range of products covering different applications and all axle fitments. Whatever the job requires, wherever the drive may take, BFGoodrich tyres will get the job done without taking a toll on business operating costs.

BFGoodrich Route Control is available in the following sizes: 295/80R22.5, 11R22.5 and 7.00R16. BFGoodrich Cross Control is available in 7.50R16. The recommended retail price for the tyres are from RM409 to RM983.

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