15 HINO 300 Series trucks for My World Logistics

15 HINO 300 Series trucks for My World Logistics

Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd delivers 15 newly launched HINO 300 Series trucks to My World Logistics Sdn Bhd. Providing home-delivery services for Malaysians renowned home furnishing company, My World Logistics believes that HINO after-sales serves better quality and the 114 Hino dealership networks that are widely covered nationwide regions makes Hino service center easily reached by customers.


Incorporated since 2012 with the support of 150 dedicated employees today, My World Logistics’ professional team takes pride in delivering and assembling furniture in the safe and correct manner. The company also accountable for managing their customer’s orders, operating their central warehouses, providing necessary technology for visibility and control as well as providing transportation from source to final delivery.


The Head of Operations of My World Logistics, Mr. Sri Prakash Narayanan highlighting that customer’s satisfaction is their ultimate focus. “Thank you very much for understanding our commitment to our customer. Let’s focus on our commitment and to always try to achieve maximum customer satisfaction,” said Mr. Prakash in during the opening ceremony.


Talking about building trust and confidence towards a brand, the company decisions to engage with HINO brand was encouraged by the brands’ after sales services support, which leads to the first-time purchase of the 15 trucks from the newly launched HINO 300 Series line-up.


Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer of My World Logistics Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Abdul Sallam said, “For a record, this is the first time My World Logistics partnering with Hino and with Hino’s commitment to My World Logistics, we would certainly further enhance our partnership with Hino in the future. ”

Hino Total Support helps customers in minimizing vehicle downtime, saving more on customer’s operational cost and getting more exclusive warranty satisfaction such as the “Free Parts Program” and “Free Service Program” as well as extra programs such as ‘Best-Fit’ program and ‘Free Service Campaign’ which gives more exciting opportunities to customers and truck drivers. My World Logistics also believes that HINO products are reliable to assist in bringing efficiency to their daily logistics maneuver.

Calling it a day, the Director of My World Logistics, Mr. Sathasivam Pillai, during his closing remarks said, “We hope this business relation will bring more opportunities for us to work together with Hino.”

Being the first brand to comply with the new UNECE safety-compliance regulations before it’s been enforced, HINO is moving ahead of the curve with continuous improvement on its products and services for customer’s satisfaction. The newly launched HINO 300 Series puts safety first which is one of the elements considered by My World Logistics to ensure successful delivery to customer’s door. On top of that, 5 units from HINO trucks delivered are now all set and ready to go on the road with GVW 7.5 tonnes, which allows more loads compared to the previous GVW 5 tonnes model with greater carrying capacity. Hence, it could lessen the daily trips and also operational-cost savvy.

Recently, during Hino Malaysia 40th anniversary event, HMSM has witnessed the inaugural of the Hino Total Support Customer Centre (HTSCC) new building and facilities, in Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan. The new facilities show the new classroom building, which equipped with receptionist service, lobby area that can be utilized as customer’s meeting point and cafeteria. Therefore, My World Logistics will be invited to take part in various training modules such as ‘Driver Familiarization Training’, ‘Safety and Eco-cien Driving Training’ and ‘Safety Driving Training’ for free. This is one of Hino’s endeavors to continuously pursue their ‘Total Support’ philosophy by enhancing better service for the benefit of HINO customers.


The mock key handover session presents by Hino’s Executive Director, Dato’ Johnny Chan to the Director of My World Logistics, Dato’ Abdul Salam and witnessed by both management & staffs from My World Logistics Sdn Bhd and Hino Motors Sales (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

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