Scania wants to offer total public transport solutions

At the recent SWEDEN-SOUTHEAST ASIA BUSINESS SUMMIT, Scania was moving its sustainable, automatized and digitalized solutions ‘hard’ to attending media and government officials to show how efficient and productive public transport systems using quality reliable buses can enhance lives of society and improve profitability for the city.

Scania aims to drive sustainable mobility in rapidly growing cities with the clever, cost-efficient bus systems offered through its efficient buses.

Efficient public transport is essential for sustainable cities. Future mobility requires an understanding of the complexity of urban planning, as well as solutions that both increase bus use and decrease operating costs.

Scania’s services and solutions for public transport are tailored for all urban centers, including emerging markets and fast-growing smaller to medium-sized cities that are just developing their infrastructure. Scania’s approach is to prioritize cost and CO2 efficiency, as well as user-friendliness, quietness and safety.

Bus Rapid Transit systems are the most cost-effective way of serving growing populations. Bus Systems by Scania include a toolbox that combines biofuel-ready engines, power electrification and bus systems. Scania is able to provide full-scale bus solutions that transport 50,000 passengers per hour and per direction, as well as systems for lower capacities.


Scania’s turnkey solutions include vehicles, automatic fare collection systems, fleet management systems, and consultancy services for improving traffic flow and the development of infrastructure investments, as well as vehicle service and maintenance.

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