Gift Mom a Problem-Free Car with Bosch Components this Mother’s Day
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Gift Mom a Problem-Free Car with Bosch Components this Mother’s Day

Bosch Mother's Day

Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia (Bosch AA) has introduced a new special gift of thoughtful Do-It-Yourself (DIY) car maintenance checks you can give to mom this year.

The practical gift of car safety to mom is an exceptional act of service and peace of mind you can do for her. We might not always be there to drive mom around, but we can take these simple steps to keep her safe while she is behind the wheel.

Upgrade mom’s car wipers to a pair of flat blade wipers for clearer vision and better safety while driving on the road especially in this rainy season. Changing wipers are very simple and can be done in a few simple steps following online wiper installation videos. Bosch AA recommends the Bosch Aerotwin wipers.

Always take note of wear and tear signs include scraping sounds, water stripes and streaks, large unwiped sections, jumping and skipping. The heat from intense sunlight can cause wipers to warp and crack faster. As a rule of thumb, replace them once a year.

Gift mom clean and fresh air in the car

The quality of air we breathe has seen an increased importance in the past year. Cabin filters serve as a first line of defense to reduce risk of exposure to air pollutants, airborne bacteria and viruses. Replace the cabin filter in your mom’s car for cleaner and fresher air in the car. Bosch AA recommends the Bosch Aeristo Premium cabin filter, which has anti-virus, anti-bacterial, anti-allergen and anti-fungal properties.

Cabin filters should be replaced every year or every 15,000KM, whichever comes first. Common signs of a clogged cabin filter include unpleasant smells or exhaust fumes, increasing dust settling on car surfaces, frequent runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Reduced coldness of the AC and frequent foggy windows also warrant a cabin filter replacement.

Gift mom a smooth-running car

Bosch Mother's Day

Take care of your mom’s next car service and bring it up a notch by getting her a quality engine oil to ensure the engine runs smoothly. Bosch AA recommends the Bosch Premium X7 5W40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. Since we are also driving lesser during this time, gift mom a Bosch C7 car battery charger to ensure her car battery is kept at optimum charge.

Go the extra mile by keeping the car battery clean with an occasional wipe with a damp clean cloth. This can help prolong battery life, prevent battery terminal corrosion and keep the battery in optimal condition. You can also help check for signs of a swollen battery case once in a while to avoid bigger car problems, like an exploding battery.

The gift of car safety this Mother’s Day is done as part of Bosch AA’s ‘Drive for Life’ campaign. The campaign aims to advocate for safer cars and safer roads through raising awareness on the importance of using quality car parts and regular car maintenance.

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