Foton Offers A 5-Year “Resale Value Guarantee” Program  

Foton Offers A 5-Year “Resale Value Guarantee” Program  

Mpire Commercial is the official distributor for Foton Daimler EST & ESTA models which offer both 4×2 and 6×4 specifications. In the very near future Mpire Commercial is about to introduce the 6×2 spec to Malaysia market.

Foton Daimler is also quoted as the best China produced Heavy Truck in Malaysia which equipped with Daimler designed, American’s Cummins Engine, German’s ZF Gearbox. Foton Daimler truck is definitely a solution for customer which is looking forward for cost saving with excellent performance and durability.

With the overwhelming demand, Mpire Commercial has decided to introduce the “Resale Value Guarantee” program with the objective to enhance customer experience as well as a token of appreciation for pioneer customers.

Foton buy back 5 years


The terms and conditions for the entitlement of the “Resale Value Guarantee” program as follows:

  • 5 years buy-back value at maximum 30% based on initial prime mover (body excluded)  invoices price from Mpire Commercial Sdn Bhd only (subject to the Prime Mover conditions and service records),
  • Entitled Prime mover is obliged to service at Mpire Commercial showroom or any appointed service center throughout the 5 years period,
  • Unauthorized modification on Prime mover engine, transmission, and main chassis shall void the validity of the buy-back program regardless is a major or minor modification,
  • If Prime mover electrical features, vehicle components, chassis and engine number is being tempered it shall not entitled for the buy-back program,
  • Prime mover which aged lesser then 5 years (calculated from date of registration) buy-back value shall be determine by Mpire Capital based on Prime mover condition and market condition which the price offered is deemed final,
  • The 30% buy-back value is subject to the 100% of refurbishment cost of the vehicle, in order to determine the final value of buy-back vehicle, and
  • To qualify for the buy-back program customer is obliged to purchase a new Prime Mover from Mpire Commercial before surrender the second hand Prime mover.

For this program Mpire Commercial is the merely the seller and the 5 years buy back policy is being underwrite by Mpire Capital, a related company to Mpire Commercial.

Mainly because Mpire Commercial is not involved in the evaluation of the buy-back process; thus Mpire Capital Sdn Bhd shall reserve the final right to opt for an acceptation or rejection of Prime mover buy-back of truck bases on terms and conditions aforementioned.

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