Do we need to monitor our vehicles?  
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Do we need to monitor our vehicles?  

Well, the technology people at Omnimatics Sdn Bhd thinks its important and also better to have a better understanding of your vehicle for long term reliability as well as ‘vehicle tracking’. Yes, ‘vehicle tracking’ is important to allow the vehicle owner to find their stolen or ‘misplaced’ vehicle and also monitor their vehicle performance. Let us explain.


  1. For the private car owner……you need a tracking device to find your car when it is stolen. Omnimatics has this feature.
  2. For a car rental company, you need to know where your customers have ‘dumped’ your vehicle or left it idle for some reason or another.  Omnimatics has this feature.
  3. For the truck fleet company, you need to monitor your drivers and their location with your vehicle. Omnimatics has this feature.
  4. For the Tour Bus operator, you need to know where your bus drivers are and if they are keeping to their speed limit and route to reward them or discharge them. Omnimatics has this feature.
  5. For the heavy machinery (tractors, dump trucks, mobile cranes) operator. In a large construction site, like the Kuantan Free Trade zone under construction, the construction equipment fleet manager needs to know where his equipment is and if it is stranded be able to send a recovery/repair team. Omnimatics has this feature.


The above and more comes from the brain child of Raj Kissu, the CEO of Omnimatics who started his technology career with 4 startups and then progressed to a large technology company that stifled his tech advancement.


Then in 2015 Raj decided that he needed to find his own niche and started his own enterprise (which of course is not easy to do) and after a couple of years of tough times he was ‘forced’ to be a GRAB driver to pay his bills. This was when he realized the need to have more information on his GRAB car to allow him to be efficient and reduce down time with workshops which leads to a loss in income. Knowing his cars health was important and so he started to develop a ‘technology tool’. Needing funds, he searched and was fortunate to meet up with Nicholas Tan from IOT and APM (part of the Tan Chong Group of Companies) and in 2016 Raj got his funding and team from APM to move forward to where he is today.


If you are a car rental firm, logistics company, fleet owner or just a person with a lot of vehicles that need tracking and monitoring, contact for more information of just to meet with them to see how they can help you save money in the long run.

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