Volvo Trucks Malaysia Now Offers 2 Years Fitted Parts Warranty And More
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Volvo Trucks Malaysia Now Offers 2 Years Fitted Parts Warranty And More


Volvo Trucks Malaysia introduced a number of service offerings to help customers maximise the uptime of their trucks.

Among the new services offered include an extended 24-month Fitted Parts Warranty for all Volvo parts purchased and fitted by authorised Volvo Trucks dealers in Malaysia as well as the implementation of the new Fast Track Service. Furthermore, Volvo Trucks will be extending the workshop hours of their flagship dealer in Port Klang starting from November this year.

Commenting on the new offerings, Mitch Peden, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks Malaysia said, “Quality is the foundation of everything we do, from the design of our trucks to the services, parts and support we offer our customers. The introduction of the new offerings aims at improving the quality of aftermarket service to maximise the uptime of our customers’ trucks. This of course helps improve the service level to their customers and drive competitive advantage through the value chain”.


Starting from July 2018, all Volvo parts purchased from Volvo Trucks Malaysia come with a standard warranty coverage of 24 months, instead of the previous 12 months coverage. The warranty was extended via the introduction of the 24-month Fitted Parts Warranty programme, which applies to all parts purchased and fitted at Volvo Authorised dealers.

By offering extended warranties exclusively to parts purchased and fitted at Volvo Authorised dealers, Volvo Trucks is able to ensure that customers receive the best products and services possible. All service work will be carried out by qualified Volvo technicians in workshops equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic systems, special tools and the very latest service literature, guaranteeing quality at all stages.

In addition to covering parts, the extended warranty will also cover labour, breakdown assistance and consequential vehicle damage.


The Fast Track Service is introduced to provide quality services for selected repairs within 2 hours. With the introduction of this service, appointments can be made in advance – reducing waiting time for customers, allowing the trucks to get back on the road quicker and in better shape than before.

To utilise the Fast Track Service, customers will need to first make a 48-hour advance booking. This allows Volvo Trucks to assign technicians, service advisors, pre-allocate a work bay, prepare parts and tools in advance.

The Fast Track Service is currently available at all Volvo Trucks owned dealerships in Malaysia. The service is provided exclusively for customers who have signed up for Volvo Blue or Volvo Gold Service Agreement.

In addition to the Fast Track Service, effective November 2018 onwards, Volvo Trucks’ Port Klang branch will be open from 8.30am to 11.00pm on weekdays and from 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays.

The extended workshop hours offer additional flexibility to customers that are looking to service their trucks over longer operating hours. It also increases truck intake to the workshops, allowing Volvo technicians to service more clients each day.

“Since its launch in 2016, the Port Klang workshop has been fully booked”, commented Peden. “The extended hours now provide a larger timeframe for customers to send in their trucks with shorter appointment lead time. The rush of sending and collecting trucks during normal working hours is effectively a thing of the past now. It is important that we are able to be flexible within our business to meet the evolving requirements of our business partners”.

These new services ensure that Volvo Trucks owners spend as little time as possible in the workshop and more time on the road – maximising uptime and optimising overall productivity.


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