Volvo Trucks Launches Fast Track Service

Volvo Trucks Launches Fast Track Service

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Aiming to further enhance its customer service, Volvo Trucks Malaysia (Volvo) launched the Fast Track Service facility at its flagship Shah Alam dealership yesterday.

Designed to increase efficiency for its customers by enabling quicker turnaround in truck repair, this latest move by the global commercial vehicle manufacturer follows a string of dealership expansions and refurbishments under the company’s network development strategy aimed at amplifying customer benefits and expanding the value and experience of truck ownership for its customers.

Volvo’s Fast Track Service comprises of four dedicated bays or fast track lanes which are specially designed and allocated to undertake minor repair work of trucks with a duration of two hours or less. Thus, customers with trucks that require minimal repair or service do not need to waste time waiting in line with other trucks that may need more complex diagnosing and longer repair time.

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A special Fast Track Service team comprising a group of technicians and service advisors has also been tasked to ensure that the customers’ truck issues are attended to promptly. The team will also see to an efficient scheduling of repair work, pre-diagnosing of problems, high quality repair and management of smooth operational work flow in all the four bays, all to reduce waiting time whilst keeping the regular bays available for trucks that need more attention and longer repair.

The Fast Track Service bookings must be made at least 48 working hours in advance in order for the specialized team to pre-diagnose and prepare parts and tools for immediate repair of the affected trucks.

Gunasekaran Muthu, General Manager, Central Region, Volvo Malaysia commented, “Pre-diagnosis during bookings helps speed the process as the team is able to determine the parts and tools needed way in advance, thus creating efficiency and reducing wasted time at the workshops.”

“With a short and fixed time of maximum two hours to service or repair the trucks, our customers can plan their truck stops and driver roster more effectively as compared to them not knowing when their trucks will be ready to hit the roads again. And in that two hours, drivers can wait comfortably at our drivers’ lounge and enjoy some beverages there,” said Gunasekaran.

“However, should unexpected problems be detected and which may require more than two hours’ of repair time, we will inform the respective customer and reallocate the repair work to the regular bay to avoid disruption to the Fast Track Service lanes,” Gunasekaran further added.

The four-lane Fast Track Service facility can repair up to a maximum of 16 trucks per day. For urgent cases only, bookings may be accepted a day prior and work hours may be extended to accommodate more trucks. Other services complimenting the Fast Track Service include a brake testing facility located just next to the lanes. Customers are advised to make early booking by calling 1-300-808-108.

Fast Track Service opens from Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 6.00pm (excluding public holidays) and accepts all Volvo truck models and variants.

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