Volvo secures deal to deliver 54 trucks to FGV Holdings
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Volvo secures deal to deliver 54 trucks to FGV Holdings

Volvo FGV

Volvo Trucks Malaysia (Volvo) has secured a deal to deliver 54 units of Euro 5 Prime Movers to FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV).

Given the increasingly challenging business environment intensifying pressure on logistics companies to seek cost effective ways to operate and remain competitive, Volvo Trucks is strategically positioned to address cost efficiency through its fuel-efficient Euro 5 range while reducing climate impact.

“We are thrilled to support FGV’s transition to fuel efficient Euro 5 engines, well ahead of the industry’s compliance deadline set for 2027. Our efforts in Malaysia are in line with our global Volvo Trucks brand promise of leading the way in improving efficiency for the transportation industry. This is driven by new technologies with the introduction of Fully Electric and gas-powered Prime Movers,” said Volvo Trucks Malaysia Managing Director, Anthony O’Connell.

“At FGV, we believe that sustainability comes first, and profit and growth will follow. This collaboration signifies our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence in the agribusiness industry. The course of this 30-year partnership has seen our fleet grow to encompass over 600 units of various Volvo trucks.”

“Today, with these state-of-the-art Volvo Prime Movers, equipped with Euro 5 engines emission, we are taking a quantum leap forward in terms of sustainability and environmental stewardship. As we embark on this new chapter together, I am filled with great optimism for the positive impact this collaboration will have on our business, our industry, and the communities we serve,” said FGV Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Nazrul Mansor.

Volvo FGV

The acquisition of these modern and fuel-efficient Euro 5 Prime Movers which will be specialized for general cargo and CPO (Crude Palm Oil) tankers, are aligned with FGV Sustainability Framework Agenda and its three pillars, namely, Protecting the Environment pillar, Respecting Human Rights pillar as well as Promoting Economic Growth pillar. 

As Malaysia’s premier food and agribusiness company, FGV is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices throughout the Group’s diverse operations to generate value and promote growth for all stakeholders in line with its vision of delivering sustainable food and agriproducts to the world.

“Volvo Euro 5 Prime Movers meet stringent international emission requirements which offer businesses better fuel economy and a cleaner fleet,” Product Manager for Volvo Malaysia, William Ee, explained.

“Euro 5 emission trucks are designed to reduce harmful pollutants such as NOx (Nitrus Oxides), PM (Particulate Matter), HC (Hydrocarbon) and CO (Carbon Monoxide). In high concentration, these pollutants can cause health issues and also global warming.  By using Euro 5 trucks in their fleet, FGV is in line with Malaysia’s 2050 carbon neutral goal.”

The Volvo Trucks Euro 5 range are equipped with the latest software and the engines specifically tuned for greater fuel efficiency. In addition, features such as I-roll which disengages driveline when not needed, enables logistics companies and their drivers to achieve greater fuel savings of between 3% to 5%. 

Volvo Trucks believes that smarter and more fuel-efficient trucks are becoming a necessity for ensuring a sustainable future, and that technology, product and human behavior must work together to make it happen.

Its driver development program which has been continuously offered to all customers helps drivers learn about fuel-efficient driving techniques. This program also educates drivers about the significant co-relation of fuel-efficient driving and enhanced safety on the road, and how they play a very important role for the entire ecosystem.

“Volvo Trucks intends to continue our introduction of sustainable trucks into the Malaysian market. Keeping our eye on the 2050 deadline for carbon neutrality, Volvo is keenly looking to collaborate with others in achieving a greener future for Malaysia,” added O’Connell.

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