Vespa Primavera Pic Nic Launched – RM20k
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Vespa Primavera Pic Nic Launched – RM20k

Vespa Pic Nic

Didi Resources Sdn Bhd, official distributor of the Vespa brand in Malaysia recently introduced the latest version of the Vespa, called the Vespa Primavera Pic Nic which can be yours for RM19,900.

Offered in three special colours (White Innocenza, Green Relax, Grey Materia), the Vespa Primavera Pic Nic was created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day such as the signature belt in beige which adds a touch of rustic chic elegance to the livery of the scooter, a front rack, a rear rack, a special livery, and dedicated stickers to distinguish the model from other variants.

Vespa Primavera Pic Nic

Unique features

And then we have a unique saddle bag which was designed exclusively for the Vespa Pic Nic with a small Italian flag positioned on the saddle strap which works as a reminder of the origin of the Vespa Primavera Pic Nic.

Featuring a full steel body, the Vespa Primavera Pic Nic’s funky appearance is further complemented by the chromed details of the crest, the white outlines of the shield, and the white rims.

Speaking of rims, the Vespa Pic Nic range is equipped with 12”-wheel rims, made of aluminium alloy and with a five-spoke design, especially conceived in white by Piaggio Group’s Italian design center.

Easily recognizable

Vespa Primavera Pic Nic

Other features that make the Vespa Pic Nic edition easily being recognizable also include the “Vespa Pic Nic” signature plate on the front compartment.

Powering the Vespa Pic Nic is a one-cylinder four-stroke 150 cc iGet engine, air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection and 3-valve distribution. The control unit contains a barometric sensor, which ensures always optimum combustion under all conditions and at all altitudes.


The engine power and torque delivered thus reach new levels of steadiness and reliability, also in city traffic, characterized by continuous “stop and go”.

In typical Vespa fashion, the whole Pic Nic experience goes beyond the bike itself. Riders can upgrade their experiences with the Vespa merchandises inspired by Vespa Pic Nic. The picnic blanket, enriched by the embossed Vespa Pic Nic logo, and the special rattan basket (with fixing kit which allows basket to located firmly on the rear rack) with leather details create the vintage vibe of a classic stylish picnic.

Vespa Primavera Pic Nic

Picnic kit

The picnic kit is completed by the white cooling bag (inside the basket) where food and drinks can be stored once the journey outdoor begins. Special Vespa tumblers, available in grey and white, are designed to keep your drink at the temperature you want. A branded fedora hat, a tote bag (which is available in white and grey) are also available to level up the outfits of the picnickers who are enjoying their carefree trip in the countryside.  

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