UD Trucks showcases future product offer for Indonesia

UD Trucks showcases future product offer for Indonesia


UD Trucks provides a glimpse of the Quester 8 Liter product range configured specially for Indonesia at the 22nd annual Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS).

Providing visitors of this year’s IIMS with a look into the future, UD Trucks displays the Quester 8 Liter 4×2 Rigid, 6×2 Rigid, 6×4 Rigid, and 6×4 Tractor, with red and white color cabins. The colors are no coincidence, these colors resemble the colors of Indonesia’s flag, reflecting UD Trucks’ theme for IIMS 2014, ’Quester for Indonesia’. 

Back in 2013, UD Trucks had for the first time presented their new heavy-duty truck range Quester, targeting the truck markets in Asia and other fast growing regions in the world. This year in March, UD Trucks then started a journey to ’Go the Extra Mile for Indonesia’; reinforcing their commitment to Indonesia with plans to further expand the product offer. The Quester 8 Liter is giving proof of this continuous commitment. 


Announced for 2015, Quester 8 Liter will be specially configured to meet the demands of the Indonesia customer in the on-road segments.

”Quester, simply put, is the result of our passion to go the extra mile and today we are here to state that commitment to our customers in Indonesia. With the 8 Liter engine we are meeting a specific demand here in Indonesia, because there is a huge demand on-road applications conquering many road situations in Indonesia. Therefore I am confident that in future and with the complete Quester offer we will continue securing our strong position in the heavy duty truck market in Indonesia.” said Pierre Jean Verge Salamon, President Director of UD Trucks Indonesia.

Quester is a truly real heavy-duty truck with a heavy duty 2.5m wide cab. The truck’s heavy-duty chassis with high flexibility and quality is one of its main features, enabling it to provide options on chassis layouts to give a flexible packing arrangement including different wheelbases, a range of fuel tank sizes and different exhaust directions. 

With Quester, UD Trucks offers to the market the largest affordable Japanese heavy-duty commercial vehicle that allows customization to most transport requirements, while enabling excellent fuel consumption and high average speed. Developed with versatility in mind, Quester offers customers a unique experience of adaptability and affordability within its class that is currently unavailable in the market. 

“UD Trucks will be the first Japanese brand to offer a wide range of variants developed to meet the different needs of the Indonesian consumers and other growth markets with one common platform and at affordable prices,” says Pierre Jean Verge Salamon.

In addition to the new product offer, UD Trucks will also provide extensive customer service and support packages in 2015, supporting the new product range. Strategically-located UD Trucks dealerships are preparing for offers to minimize operational costs, and maximize uptime, which will benefit many businesses in Indonesia.

Ernando Demily, CEO of PT. Astra International -UD Trucks Sales Operations adds, ”With the complete product range in Indonesia, we feel that the customers will benefit from a strong, efficient, productive and comfortable truck. Next year, when we start to sell Quester, we will also launch some revolutionary service offers. These will provide our customers with “peace of mind”, while operating Quester.”

The Quester 8 liter range will be launched in the Indonesian market in 2015 and will be available through Astra International’s UD Trucks dealer network.

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