Truck Basic Electrical Maintenance
Safety & Compliance

Truck Basic Electrical Maintenance

Oxidation, can still bring a truck to its knees, even a large prime mover. Points you should note for your truck’s well being.

  • Don’t ever use a test light with a piercing probe. Those poke holes in the wire that open up a gateway for moisture. Once wire is wet, corrosion sets in immediately.
  • Don’t use non-sealed butt connectors. These are fast and simple, but offer no protection from corrosion. Use soldered and/or crimped connections with double-walled heat-shrink tubing to seal and insulate the connection.
  • Learn how to repair electrical connectors properly. There are procedures for repairing various sealed connectors supplied by the manufacturers. Follow them. If there’s dielectric grease or some other insulator inside a connector, make sure you refill the repaired connector.


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