Toyota Service Centres Remain Open, but…
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Toyota Service Centres Remain Open, but…

Toyota ASSB

No thanks to the ongoing Movement Control Order, many business sectors have no choice but to remain closed.

Of course, this has also affected the automotive sector with new vehicles sales dropping tremendously in the past couple of months.

Showrooms and plants closed

Responding to this issue, the folks at UMW Toyota Motor confirmed the continued closure of all Toyota and Lexus showrooms nationwide, meaning that no business can be conducted for time being.

Besides that, the company also announced that manufacturing of vehicles including the supply chain and logistic efforts have also come to a halt.

Toyota ASSB
Toyota ASSB

While the showrooms remain closed, the public can still obtain detailed information about Toyota and Lexus vehicles at their respective websites where you can find out about the models available in Malaysia and the financing schemes for different requirements. Bookings can also be made online.

SST exemption remains till end of 2021

Ravindran also reminded customers of the exemption of Sales & Service Tax (SST) which is extended until the end of 2021. The exemption covers both locally-assembled and imported Toyota and Lexus models.

“We encourage customers to make their bookings online as we can then plan production at our two assembly plants to minimize waiting time when the restrictions are lifted, to enable customers to enjoy the current financial incentives,” he added.

Service centres how?

As for after sales services, selected UMW Toyota Motor Service Centres continue to operate according to the provisions by the State and local authorities, to ensure that vehicle owners can obtain assistance in emergencies. 24/7 assistance is available by calling the Toyota and Lexus Helplines at 1-800-888-247 and 1800-225-3987, respectively.

While advising customers to contact the service centres to make an appointment first, UMWT assures customers that all the necessary measures are in place for their protection as well as the protection of the employees serving them.

“While the government has formulated a National Recovery Plan (NRP) in four phases, we are still in Phase 1, which is the most restrictive. The current situation also makes planning for recovery difficult,” said Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor.

Commercial vehicles

Takeyama said that prolonged restrictions on vehicle production can have an impact not just on passenger vehicles but also commercial vehicles, which are essential for transportation of goods around the country.

“Furthermore, export business will be affected as well as our subsidiaries export a substantial amount of automotive components as part of Toyota’s global supply chain. If this situation continues for long, we are concerned that our overseas customers may look for new suppliers as they cannot have their own production delayed due to shortage of parts from Malaysia. This could have an impact on Malaysia’s economy as a whole if export business declines,” he added.

Meanwhile, the company who had earlier this month announce its investment to further the initiatives for carbon neutrality through the manufacturing of Hybrid Electric Vehicles, indicated that the prolonged shut down of its manufacturing plant could also impact such plans.

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