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Foton and JAC choose Shell Rimula

The Mpire Auto Group is the brand owner for commercial vehicles from China’s Foton and also JAC and with a growing market share in the mid and large sized trucks, they need make sure their after-sales stays right at the top of their priority to ensure repeat customers.

For 2019, Mpire was one of the fastest growing automotive groups in Malaysia and to keep its growth it is working with the best possible partners in the industry, this is why Mpire managament have chosen the Shell Rimula range of heavy-duty diesel engine oils as the official service-fill engine oil for its two commercial vehicle brands, Foton and JAC.

Press Release: Mpire is the distributor for Foton View C2 and CS2 vans as well as the Foton Daimler heavy-duty trucks that are equipped with advanced Cummins engines. It is also the exclusive distributor for JAC light trucks, which are powered by Isuzu engines, in Malaysia.

Shell Rimula Brand Mngr Ravi Shankar (L) & Mpire Auto Group CEO  Lau Yit Mun posing inside the JAC X30 light truck

Shell Rimula R5 LE synthetic technology engine oil is well suited for the high oil drain interval and heavy-duty diesel engine found in Foton Daimler prime movers.  Shell Rimula R4 X meets the demand for engine protection from the JAC range of light trucks that are often used as daily workhorses.

Shell Rimula Brand Mngr Ravi Shankar (L) & Mpire Auto Group CEO  Lau Yit Mun cutting a cake to celebrate the collaboration_2

Mpire Auto Group Chief Executive Officer Lau Yit Mun said that the combination of a strong reputation and track record in lubricants, reliable products that are compatible with Foton and JAC’s advanced diesel engines and excellent technical support led to the decision to choose Shell Rimula as the service-fill engine oil and Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd as the official lubricants supplier.

“Today’s customers demand reliability and performance from engine oils and Shell is able to fulfil them,” he said.

Shell Lubricants Marketing Manager – Malaysia & Singapore, May Tan said that as the top lubricants supplier in the world for the past 12 consecutive years, Shell understands the need to achieve lower total cost of ownership in today’s challenging business environment.

“Shell Rimula lubricants, especially our premium range, are designed to offer superior engine protection and cleanliness, longer oil drain intervals and better fuel economy while being able to withstand extreme temperatures and loads in tough operating environments,” she further added.

Shell Malaysia is delighted to have Mpire Auto Group on board and looks forward to a fruitful collaboration ahead.

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JAC Trucks Back In Malaysia With MPIRE Guarantee  

MPIRE JAC SDN BHD, a subsidiary of Mpire Auto, is the new sole distributor of JAC light commercial vehicles in Malaysia.

JAC was founded in 1964 in Hefei, China. In 2017, JAC Brand Value ranks No.6 among overall China brand (Brand Finance). JAC is manufacturing all ranges of vehicle from passenger car to heavy commercial vehicle. For the pass 20 years, JAC has sold more than 2.68 million number of vehicles. Up till now, JAC has exported 574,000 vehicles to more than 130 countries.

JAC Photo 8

Currently, JAC has 3 research centers in china with 5,000 engineers working daily on research and development, which 9 engines has been recently awarded as “China Top Ten Engine”. On November 2017, JAC has also officially launched the first JAC electric commercial truck in Macau.

JAC Photo 11

It’s latest release, JAC IEV7S is a pure electric SUV coupled with high energy battery pack liquid cooling technology and five level safety design, anti shock driving electric drive technology and energy recovery system

JAC Photo 10

Mpire JAC is honored to be the distributor of JAC Group, in which JAC is one of the leading technology lead automotive company in China. Mpire JAC Sdn Bhd, also proudly relaunch the JAC brand in Malaysia and reintroduce the new generation of JAC trucks namely JAC X30, N45 and N75. This activity of “JAC Redefined” was officiated by YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

JAC Photo 12

To cater for better customer service, Mpire JAC Sdn Bhd has invested millions in the state-of-the-art 3S facilities center that is conveniently located at No.2, Jalan 51/255A, Zon Perindustrian PJCT, Sek 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, the one and only million Ringgit showroom among the light truck industry.

JAC Launch_IMG_7606

“I am proud and honored to witness, support and be a part of this international prestigious collaboration between Malaysia and China. It is good for JAC to be represented in Malaysia as they are able to bring in world-class vehicles that will help the development of the Malaysian economy. Collaboration like this is vital for Malaysia as it strengthens our ties with China, knowledge transfer and technology enhancement,” said YB Dr. Ong Kian Ming.

JAC Launch_IMG_7607

The JAC X30 with gross weight of 2,835kg offers remarkable durability, accessibility and performance. The X30 is equipped with the 4DA1 diesel engine that produces 108hp and 240N.m torque. The technological advancement in the X30 is the Load- Sensing Proportional Valve system device that provides the customers with superior quality braking system which can be adjusted accordingly.

JAC Launch_IMG_7609

Furthermore, the X30 leads its segment class with its 65L large- capacity fuel tank that is estimated to reach almost 750KM of continuous mileage. The N45 with a gross weight of 4,800kg is powered by 2,800 cc euro III diesel engine with 240 Nm at 1,800-2,000rpm. The N75 with the gross weight of 7,500kg is powered by 3,800cc cummins euro III diesel engine with 450Nm at 1,200rpm. The N75 also equipped with the latest Anti-Lock Braking System and Dual Circuit Air Brake system for better safety during emergency braking. These technologies applied on JAC N Series provides an economical and reliable drive with great performance and comfort.

JAC Launch_IMG_7608

Managing Director of Mpire Group, Dato’ Billy Goh said, “It is evident that as a market leader in China and big contestant around the world competitive markets, JAC is poised to produce world-class vehicles relevant for the highly demanding consumers in Malaysia. Therefore, I am confident that both imported vehicles as well as locally assembled vehicles by JAC are of the highest standards of features, quality and fuel efficiencies that will be highly sought after by Malaysian buyers”.

Looking forward to support Malaysia’s new phase of Industry 4.0 and demand for efficient transportation, transport operators are faced with rising diesel prices putting pressure on profitability. Therefore, the introduction of JAC X30, N45 and N75 trucks to the Malaysian market is timely as these vehicles are competitively priced and positioned in its specific market segments to promote efficiency, fuel saving, productivity, ROI, and excellent technology convergence.

“JAC X30, N45 and N75 is our answer to this challenge. It is the complete solution that combines our latest technology to substantially bring down fuel consumption in long-haul operations with stylish appearance and this is without compromising drivability,” says Mr. Lau Yit Mun, Group CEO of Mpire JAC.

Mpire JAC is appointing 15 authorized service dealers nationwide in order to provide efficient after sales service to all JAC customers.

In Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Colombia, JAC light truck has been ranked as the no.1 light truck industry, which covers at least 50% market share in respective countries for Year 2018. Moreover; JAC light trucks also achieved excellent performance in the highly populated regions of the Philippines and Brazil whereby, JAC light trucks managed to uphold its 2nd rank in terms of market share and value among all the Chinese light truck brands in year 2018.

Recently JAC and China National Machinery Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly signed the Kazakhstan Allur Group Equity Acquisition Agreement, to become “One Belt and One Road Initiative” and involved in China-Kazakhstan capacity cooperation iconic project.

Lastly, Mpire JAC is currently offering a trade in program which is subsidizing RM3,000.00 for any vehicles being traded in while buying a brand-new JAC (terms and condition apply).

On top of that, the package also comes with free 2 years’ service (6 times) and 5 years’ or 150,000KM warranty.

JAC X30, N45 and N75 are reasonably priced at RM63,888 RM78,888 and RM97,488 respectively.

To make an appointment for a test drive, or to further inquire about the all new JAC X30, N45 and N75 and, kindly contact Mpire JAC Sdn Bhd at +60 3 7865 3188 or visit them at No.2, Jalan 51/255A, Zon Perindustrian PJCT, Sek 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya.

JAC Launch_IMG_7610

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Foton & Mpire Group on track for Malaysian success

In early 2018, Mpire Group signed an agreement to distribute Beiqi Foton Motor (herein referred to as, ‘Foton’) vehicles. These vehicles include the ‘View C2 Panel Van (4.8 meters)’, ‘View CS2L 18 seater Window Van (6 meters)’ and ‘Foton-Daimler EST-A Super Heavy Truck’ and ‘EST Super Heavy Truck’.

About Foton’s Vehicles 

View C2 Panel Van & View CS2L 18-Seater Window Van

The C2 is powered by a proven Isuzu 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine while the CS2L has the mighty Cummins ISF 2.8-litre diesel engine.

The View CS2L is fitted with a modern Electronic Control Unit (“ECU”) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (“EGR”) system, allowing the window van to operate with a lower carbon footprint and higher efficiency. It also has Bosch’s four-channel ABS + EBD, a “3H high-strength” body, strong anti-collision bars, front and rear bumpers, dual airbags, a collapsible steering column and three-point seat belts. This makes it one of the safest vans in the domestic market.

Foton Daimler EST-A

The Foton Daimler EST-A is also known as the “Energy Super Truck”. It comes equipped with the latest generation Foton-Cummins ISG diesel engine. The truck is built around three core technologies: new energy, internet of vehicles and the automatic transmission.

This “Energy Super Truck” has been engineered for maximum fuel efficiency through its High Torque and Low RPM technology. The aim is to realize a 30% decrease of fuel consumption, a 30% decrease of carbon emission, and a 70% increase in overall freight transport efficiency.


About Beiqi Foton Motor

Headquartered in Beijing, Foton has been a major manufacturer of trucks, buses, tractors, heavy duty as well as passenger vehicles and machinery since 1996. They are a part of two important 50:50 joint ventures. The first with Daimler AG (Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd) which resulted in the development of the ‘Foton-Daimler Super Truck’. The second is with Cummins Inc. (Foton Cummins Engine Company) which produces the diesel engines found in many Foton vehicles.

Foton has recognised the marketing strength of the Mpire Group and has selected them to distribute Foton vehicles in Malaysia.

About MPire Group

Mpire Group aspires to change the way Malaysians perceive Chinese trucks. Chinese-made trucks, Fotons in particular, have improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Not only are they more durable and better built, but they’re also safer, more comfortable, more efficient and high tech.


There are currently 2 showrooms in Selangor for Foton customers. The first is dedicated to van operations and is located at 2, Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Temasya Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam. For super-truck operations, another exclusive showroom can be found at 2, Jalan Gitar 33/3, Elite Industrial Park, Section 33, 40460 Shah Alam. These showrooms offer one-stop service and are decked out with sophisticated equipment and facilities.

An additional 2 showrooms, located at Butterworth and Johor Bahru, will be ready by Q1 2019.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Prior to this, customers of Chinese trucks have had problems acquiring spare parts. This has made many reluctant to purchase new trucks. In order to boost customer confidence, Mpire has purchased more than RM1,000,000 worth of spare parts from Foton even before any trucks get on the road. This will maximise truck usage and ensure no “Vehicle Off Road” or “VOR” situations.


To further enhance customer satisfaction, Mpire Group has prepared a 24 hour off-road rescue team which can be reached via the toll-free number 1300-22-3399 beginning on the 1st of January 2019. A strategic alliance with a reputable company has been formed to ensure customer needs can be taken care of any time of the day, any day of the week.

Mpire Group will also launch an app for customers to more conveniently book service appointments. The app will also feature a GPS-enabled panic button to help pinpoint drivers who are in need of assistance.

Additionally, Mpire Group has appointed PKT Logistics Group to handle and manage spare-parts distribution. Being one of Malaysia’s largest and most competent logistics companies, PKT Logistics Group will be able to deliver spare parts within 48 hours to any local location.

By being customer-oriented, offering sustainable products with affordable prices, and by excelling in after sales service, Mpire Group is confident it can make Foton vehicles a success in Malaysia.

It is an exciting year for both Mpire Group and the Foton brand. Mpire is proud  to represent Foton in this niche segment and will strive to achieve excellence in term of customer satisfaction.

For more information, please head to the ‘Foton-Malaysia’ Facebook page (facebook.com/mpirefotonmalaysia).

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PKT takes delivery of their Foton Supertrucks

Malaysia’s fastest growing warehousing and logistic provider, PKT Logistic will be the very first of many logistic companies in the country to use The all new Foton Automatic Transmission Supertruck which is designed by Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), powered by Cummins (world largest independent diesel engine producer), working with the german made ZF gearbox and produced by China Largest Commercial Vehicle Brand by export and sales, Foton. 


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Mpire Group Launches Foton’s 3S in Glenmarie  

Foton launchedIMG_0928

The Mpire Group has just successfully launched their Mpire Asia 3S centre at Glenmarie and the all new Foton View C2 5.4 meter panel van and the Foton CS2 L 6 meter 18-seater window van in Malaysia.

Foton launchedIMG_0920

Mpire Group thanks YB Tuan Tan Kok Wai, Malaysian special envoy to China and Datuk Aishah Ahmad, MAA President who together graced and officiated the event. A big thank you also goes to Mr. Khoo Kah Chin, President of KL & Selangor Used car and Credit Companies Association and the top management from Foton International who attended the event.

Foton launchedIMG_0942 Foton launchedIMG_0944 Foton launchedIMG_0945

Foton launchedIMG_0908 (1) Foton launchedIMG_0917 (1) Foton launchedIMG_0917 Foton launchedIMG_0933 Foton launchedIMG_0938 Foton launchedIMG_0940 Foton launchedIMG_0941 Foton launchedIMG_0947 Foton launchedIMG_0948 Foton launchedIMG_0949 Foton launchedIMG_0950

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