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FGV Expand Fleet With 44 New MAN TGS Trucks


FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV), through its logistics arm and subsidiary, FGV Transport Services Sdn. Bhd. (FGV Transport) has recently acquired 44 MAN TGS 6×4 prime movers from MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn. Bhd. (MAN Malaysia), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus SE of Germany.

With the new fleet additions, the FGV Group now owns 560 units of trucks – 503 units for inland transport and 57 units for courier transport.

Mohd Nazrul Izam Mansor, FGV’s Group Chief Executive Officer said, “As a major logistics player in the country with a fleet of over 500 trucks and 14 nationwide hubs, the new fleetadditions will support the Group in meeting the rising market demand for efficient logistics management.”


“This purchase is also part of the Group’s plan to strengthen our inland businesses under FGV Transport, with a projected additional revenue of RM6.5 million a year,” added Mohd Nazrul.

The first 15 units of the 44 prime movers have been delivered, with the remaining units expected to arrive by the end of December.

Andrew O’Brooks, Managing Director of MAN Malaysia remarked that the tender win was a significant boost for the company and brand. It was also the largest single order for MAN Malaysia in 2021.

“Major transportation and logistics companies are increasingly putting their trust in MAN Trucks. Despite the pandemic, we have recruited a number of new customers to the MAN Truck family in the last 24 months.  We are honoured that FGV Transport is among them. We are optimistic about future growth in 2022, having established ourselves as a leading provider of intelligent and sustainable transportation solutions with the recent launch of our Euro V-powered New MAN Truck Generation,” said O’Brooks.   

The trucks’ model is MAN TGS 33.480 6X4 variant powered by the MAN D26 common-rail diesel engine with a maximum power output of 480hp and 2,300 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 12-speed MAN TipMatic® gearbox with retarder and off-road ready software. 


Mohd Nazrul also said that the MAN Trucks’ high-capacity engines are ideal for FGV Transport’s operations, which involves transportation of high volume of bulk or liquid cargo with an average capacity of 40 metric tonnes (MT) per trip. 

“They are also equipped with various safety features that include two auxiliary brakes which is an important component required by FGV Transport in ensuring safety and comfort for our drivers,” added Mohd Nazrul.

“Having built an unmatched track record as the largest transporter of crude palm oil in the country over the past few decades, these new trucks will support our growing business beyond the FGV group to external customers in sectors such as cold chain transportation, oil and gas, haulage and industrial segment moving forward,” continued Mohd Nazrul.

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New Generation MAN TGS Euro 5 Truck is Now in Malaysia


MAN Truck & Bus (M) Sdn Bhd has launched the New Generation MAN TGS range in Malaysia.

The New MAN Truck Generation Trucks come with Euro V engines as standard, making MAN Malaysia the first heavy-duty Truck manufacturer in the country to step-up and do its part in helping reduce the carbon footprint of the transport and logistics industry.


The launch is timely as the Malaysian government recently announced its desire to attain carbon neutral status by 2050. 

MAN Malaysia is offering five variants of the TGS model from the New MAN Truck Generation range that are specified for three main applications:

MAN TGS Euro 5
  • 4×2 and 6×2 for haulage/container
  • 6×4 for construction and heavy-duty use
  • 4×2 and 6×2 with ADR (Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) specifications.

Prices start from RM340,000 for the standard specifications, excluding SST.


The new MAN TGS comes with two engine options. The 4×2 and 6×2 variants for haulage and transport of dangerous goods are powered by the proven and reliable MAN D20, 10.5-litre, 6-cylinder inline Euro V diesel engine.

The heavy duty-oriented 6×4 variant has the bigger but equally efficient 12.4-litre D26 engine. Both are future-proof, featuring Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to reduce harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.

Mated to either engine is a 12-speed MAN TipMatic intelligent gearbox with advanced software and selectable driving programmes for different applications.

The New MAN Truck Generation, which was crowned the International Truck of the Year 2021, winner of two awards at iF Design Award 2021 and just named “Sustainable” Truck of the Year 2022; offers everything that customers and drivers expect and more. 


It combines the attributes that are synonymous with MAN Trucks — toughness, durability and reliability – with future-oriented innovations aimed at simplifying the lives of both business owners and the people behind the wheel,” he said.

The new MAN TGS for the Malaysian market features a host of class-leading innovations such as the MAN EasyControl and SmartSelect.

MAN EasyControl consists of four buttons, two of which are customisable, for the convenience of the driver when he is outside the truck. 

MAN TGS cabin

There is no need to climb back into the cabin to activate a variety of functions such as hazard lights, engine off and closing of windows. 

MAN SmartSelect is a two-tier infotainment system control that comes with a foldable wrist rest to make operation easy and precise even if there are vibrations in the cabin when the truck is moving.

The redesigned smart-looking multi-function steering wheel is smaller than that of the previous generation MAN Trucks. 

MAN TGS steering

Equipped with airbag as standard for Malaysia, the new steering wheel can now be adjusted from 20° to an almost passenger car-like 55°, offering an ideal steering position for drivers of all shapes and sizes.  

Also new is the ability to adjust the steering wheel forward to 0° park position.  This creates maximum space for easy getting in and out of the cab and for rest periods.

The cockpit is split into two levels. The bottom level instrument panel is now even more angled towards the driver for optimum reachability while the displays on the top level are placed further away for optimum visibility.


This makes it easy for even the most seasoned drivers to switch to and from reading information on the display to the traffic on the road ahead.

Additionally, MAN Telematics, a comprehensively developed, cloud-based, factory-fitted digitalised maintenance and fleet management system, reduces operating inefficiencies and costs whilst delivering maximum up-time of the new MAN TGS.

The good news is that MAN Malaysia is offering a free two-year subscription with every purchase of the New MAN Truck Generation.


The new MAN TGS is also equipped with a host of innovative safety and driver assistance systems to ensure the driver and vehicle complete their business safely. These include:

  • Lane Departure Warning System (LDW)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • Advanced Emergency Brake Assist (EBA).

In-line with the arrival of the New MAN Truck Generation, MAN Malaysia is introducing a new consultation and offer system which is entirely oriented towards the needs of the customer.


This allows for the new MAN TGS to be customised to fit the exact transport task, using comprehensively adjustable and flexible configuration options.

This includes individually coordinated services from maintenance and digital services, which make the truck a holistic, integrated transport solution – all this from a single source, with competent personal contact partners.

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2021 MAN Lion Intercity Low Entry Unveiled

MAN Lion Intercity LE

In order to cater to the growing demand for Low Entry buses, MAN has unveiled the new Lion’s Intercity Low Entry (LE) bus, combining an optimised seating layout with low-floor genes.

The six versions of the new Low Entry model are replacing the LE series derived from the Lion’s City low-floor City bus, the Lion’s City U based on the City bus model, and last the Lion’s City LE/U.

MAN Lion Intercity LE

While the Lion’s Intercity LE 12 and Lion’s Intercity LE 13 are scheduled to go into production in early 2022, The City bus variants of the Lion’s Intercity LE in the same length will begin rolling off the production line from early 2023.

The tried and proven EfficientHybrid module from the new generation of City buses will be launched at the same time.

It also features a highly efficient automatic start-stop system and boost function – still a unique selling point in the market. The two 14.46 metre long three-axle Lion’s Intercity LE 14 models will follow in the third production phase in 2024.

MAN Lion Intercity LE

They will be based on a completely new electronics platform for the first time and will, of course, like all variants, optionally feature the EfficientHybrid system.

Powering the new bus is the 9-litre 6-cylinder engine available in 280 hp, 330 hp, and 360 hp power classes with a maximum torque of 1,200 to 1,600 Nm.

All MAN engines for the Lion’s Intercity LE can be equipped with either the Voith DIWA.6 (four-speed) or the new ZF Ecolife 2 (six-speed) converter automatic gearbox to ensure the most efficient and relaxed running.

This gearbox design is very popular with customers in the City segment, and is ideally matched to the various applications.

MAN Lion Intercity LE

Just like all MAN buses, adaptive PCV (Premium Comfort Valve) shock absorbers are installed which ideally combine particularly safe and comfortable handling with low maintenance requirements.

Thanks to a new oil flow design, many more parameters are available for specific tuning of each axle variant, which in turn leads to much more comfortable handling.

Like every MAN bus, the Lion’s Intercity LE also has comprehensive safety equipment. The Low Entry bus already complies with the amended ECE R66.02 body safety standard thanks to its significantly reinforced rear roll bar.

MAN Lion Intercity LE

It also already has ABS/ASR as standard, an effective brake assistant as standard, and the electronic stability program ESP.

As an additional feature, the LED brake lights pulsate faster on sharp emergency braking. The Adaptive Cruise Control ACC and Lane Guard System LGS are optionally available in haptic or acoustic versions.

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MAN Presents New OptiView Feature

In an effort to raise awareness of the importance of its latest road safety assistance technology, MAN Truck & Bus is currently organising the MAN TruckLife tour which will be taking place in six countries in Europe until end of the month.

The main attraction of the TruckLife tour is a driver challenge involving the new MAN TGX, which is kitted out with the latest assistance systems.

Latest MAN safety features

These include MAN OptiView, MAN CruiseAssist (long-haul assistant) and LCCPA (lane change collision prevention assistant). With the aid of the OptiView system, the aim of the challenge is to slalom and manoeuvre backwards safely through an obstacle course without making any mistakes.

The assistance system makes blind spots visible on both the driver’s and co-driver’s side and provides greater visibility in challenging driving situations.

man optiview

The combination with the radar-based MAN turning aid further increases safety during turning manoeuvres. The informative and at the same time entertaining TruckLife Tour events take place at motorway service stations along European transport routes.

Preventing accidents

According to MAN, the OptiView feature plays a major role in preventing accidents. The digital mirror cam system dramatically reduces the risk of truck drivers failing to spot other road users.

The system’s field of view makes blind spots visible on both the driver’s and co-driver’s side, helping to protect cyclists riding through cities and pedestrians at service stations, for example.

MAN OptiView will be available to order as an optional extra on the new MAN Truck Generation from October 2021. The system replaces conventional exterior mirrors and instead works with cameras on the sides and front of the truck, as well as a rear-view camera, which can be added as an option.

No more blind spots

They show what is happening around the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A-pillars and also on the screen of the media system. Drivers can choose from a range of view options and the MAN turn assist function is also integrated into the display concept.

In turning situations, the systems offer the ideal combination of radar-based hazard detection and warning as well as visual representation of the areas to the right, left and in front of the vehicle without blind spots.

MAN OptiView thus makes a significant contribution to increasing road safety, especially in conjunction with other driver assistance systems.

In addition, the system enhances the personal safety of truck drivers during breaks and overnight stays at rest stops.

Thanks to the all-round visibility provided by the camera system, drivers do not need to leave the vehicle or open the cab’s curtain to check what’s going on outside if they hear a suspicious noise, for example. As a result, they are better protected and can notify the police of the incident if need be.

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MAN TGX Lion S Makes World Debut

MAN TGX Individual Lion S

One year on from the unveiling of the new MAN Truck Generation in February 2020, the MAN Individual Lion S, the flagship model of the new MAN Truck Generation, has arrived in February 2021 to mark the one-year anniversary.

The TGX Lion S designed by MAN Individual also offers unrivalled exclusivity. Its sporty appearance and unique design and equipment elements leave nothing to be desired.

MAN TGX Individual Lion S


On the outside, the MAN TGX Individual LION S, designed jointly by the MAN design department and the finishing experts at MAN Individual, turns heads with its carbon visual effects on the bumper and mirrors as well as a variety of red accents that emphasize the striking design of the new MAN Truck Generation.

The classy radiator design with its black paint and chrome trims highlighted in red, optional roof bar with LED lamps, stainless steel front and side bars, black wheel trims and the exclusive MAN Individual sunblind make for an eye-catching, powerful exterior.


MAN Individual TGX Lion S

Inside, a red decorative seam on the multifunctional leather steering wheel emphasizes the sporty character of the MAN TGX Individual Lion S. The seat covers made of genuine Alcantara leather feature red diamond stitching, with the armrests and door inserts made to match.

The headrests feature an appliqué of a red lion. Lion S lettering adorns the chrome door mouldings and the red seat belts enhance the dynamic overall impression that the truck makes.

MAN Individual TGX Lion S

The standard driver comfort package with its premium seats, generous steering wheel adjustment range and fully digital 12.3-inch instrumentation ensures that the working environment in the spacious cab of the Individual Lion S is a pleasant one.


Numerous assistance functions such as Adaptive Cruise Control Stop & Go, MAN ComfortSteering, Lane Return Assist LRA, lane change and turn assist or high beam assist are ready and waiting to help the drivers perform their duties in the ideal manner.

MAN Individual TGX Lion S

With the optional MAN Individual comfort features, which include a spacious wall unit in place of the second bed for up to 1,400 litres of additional storage space and the option of fitting a kitchen unit with microwave and coffee machine, restful breaks are guaranteed.

An optional 22-inch television on the side wall above the bed will keep the drivers informed and entertained during their time away from home, especially when used in combination with the comfortable, removable TV lounger.

MAN Individual TGX Lion S

The new MAN TGX Lion S is not, however, all about elegant design and convenient features. With an engine power of 510 to 640 hp, it runs like a big cat unleashed and, in every respect, will prove itself to be the alpha lion in any fleet.

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MAN Truck and Bus Opens New Outlet in Port Klang

MAN Port Klang launch

In an effort to provide customers with more efficient and timelier after sales services, MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd has launched a new outlet in Port Klang.

Located at Lingkaran Sultan Mohamed 2 in Port Klang, the outlet, which spans over 91,000 square feet, has been operating since August.

According to Man Truck and Bus Malaysia, the vast space is ideal for customers as there is ample parking space for both vehicles that come in for servicing, as well as new stock that is ready to be delivered.

There are six service bays and an extensive list of the latest equipment and tools available, enabling the outlet to service up to 12 vehicles at the same time.

MAN Port Klang new outlet

Some of the available equipment includes the latest MAN Cats 3 Diagnostic system.

While waiting for their truck or bus to be completed, drivers can relax at the customer lounge area within the facility, which offers complimentary refreshments as well as free Wi-Fi connection.

MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN) has opened its new service centre in Port Klang to offer fleet operators and customers with more efficient and timelier vehicle care.

The new service centre which began operations in August this year, is located at Port Klang’s Lingkaran Sultan Mohamed 2 and spread on a total area of 91,000 square feet, offering ample parking spaces both for vehicles to be serviced and for stock of new vehicles to be delivered.

A 2-storey building and the workshop takes up 21,000 square feet, with a customer lounge area within the building that provides complimentary refreshments and wi-fi connection to drivers and customers waiting for their vehicles to be serviced.

Several vehicle handovers have already taken place at the new centre since it commenced operations.

Nine MAN TGS 28.440 6X2 prime movers including one with MAN XLion range that comes equipped with MAN Genuine Roof Top Air Conditioner RTX 2000, were recently handed over to Taipanco Sdn Bhd and Shallas Sdn Bhd. Three other units were handed over to Eminent JV Group Sdn Bhd.

MAN Port Klang service centre

Commenting on the new service centre, Choy How Sing, Director of Eminent JV Group Sdn Bhd who is a first time customer said, “I am delighted that the new MAN service centre is so near to where we are and I am confident MAN will be able to provide us with the best service for our vehicles’ needs”.

The Port Klang service centre is headed by branch operations manager, Gopinathan Chellayah and his team who are well trained to provide a comprehensive range of MAN services, including the Mobile24 breakdown service that offers 24/7 support.

Customers can also be assured they can purchase original MAN spare parts and accessories with a spare parts warehouse in the premise. The service centre is opened six days a week from 8.30am till 6.00pm.

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MAN Truck and Bus Malaysia Appoints New MD

MAN Truck and Bus (M) Sdn Bhd (MAN) today announced it has appointed Andrew O’Brooks as its new managing director, who will lead the execution of several strategic initiatives for Malaysia, in line with MAN’s global direction and motto of ‘Simplifying Business’ for its customers.

O’Brooks, who is originally from UK, brings with him more than 35 years of experience in the commercial vehicle industry. Prior to joining MAN, O’Brooks has held several leading management positions for the Volvo Group, serving as Country Managing Director in United Kingdom, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

“Simplifying business for our customers – by making business processes easier and more effective for them – is one of MAN’s chief goals. Andrew O’Brooks’ knowledge of the industry, along with his international experience and clear customer focus, makes him a real asset to help us drive this forward for MAN in Malaysia.  We are very pleased to welcome him on board in what are exciting times for our company”, said Thilo Halter, Head of Area Asia Pacific.

In starting his new role at MAN Malaysia, O’Brooks is taking over from Richard Frenz, who will take up a new role in MAN Truck & Bus in Munich. A first among several strategic initiatives announced by O’Brooks is the opening of a new service centre in Port Klang to offer fleet operators and customers with more efficient and timelier vehicle care.

The new service centre which will take up more than 2-acre of land, is slated to be operational by March 2020. It will come with six service bays and all the necessary equipment to provide the highest level of service and repairs including a MAN Cats III® Diagnostic system and air-conditioning servicing, ample trailers parking space as well as a customer lounge with refreshments and complimentary wi-fi.

Long-haul trucks plying the backbone of the country will benefit from all MAN’s strategically located service centres as they will not need to travel off route for their sales and service needs. The new facility in Port Klang will be MAN’s fourth service centre on top of its existing centres in Rawang, Prai and Johor Bahru.

“One of the main emphasis for us at MAN is always on being closer and more accessible to our customers, on top of providing them with the best solutions for their transportation needs. The Port Klang service centre is the first among many to come. With the various new initiatives we will be implementing this year, I am confident we will be able to continue to provide high quality products and serve our customers faster and better”, said O’Brooks.

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MAN Bus and Coach Division Celebrates An Extremely Successful 2018


MAN Truck & Bus is celebrating an extremely successful year in its city bus and coach business in 2018.

In the last business year, the company achieved its highest ever amount of order intake with a total of 8,310 units. Sales have also been notably high: At 7,204 vehicles, this is the second-highest number of sales in company history, and the highest since the financial crisis in 2008.

Göran Nyberg, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing, is satisfied: “In the last few years, we have successfully developed the bus business from a former problem child into an extremely successful business area.

In 2018, we increased our market share in Europe to 14.5 percent. Our customers appreciate our high reliability and safety, outstanding design, innovative technology, high comfort and comprehensive customer-oriented approach in sales and service.”

Rudi Kuchta, Head of Product & Sales Bus and new Speaker Business Area Bus, adds: “With the NEOPLAN Tourliner and the MAN Lion’s Coach, we have two top models in the field in the coach segment. And we are also in the process of successfully bringing our new city bus generation of the MAN Lion’s City onto the market. It is number one in terms of economy and, unlike many of its competitors, is pre-equipped for the new fully electric drive, which will be launched in 2020.”

With its MAN and NEOPLAN bus brands, MAN Truck & Bus is one of the leading European manufacturers of city buses and coaches.

Many top European football clubs, such as FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund or PSG Paris, use team buses from the Munich-based commercial vehicle manufacturer. From this year, the German national football team is also using MAN team buses for the first time.

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MAN Celebrates Delivery of its 1,000th Bus in Singapore


MAN Truck & Bus has delivered 1,300 chassis for city buses to Singapore over the last eight years. In late October 2018, the 1,000th vehicle was symbolically handed over to its new owners.

Since 2011, MAN Truck & Bus has delivered some 1,300 vehicles to its local importer, ST Engineering Land Systems (STELS). “Thanks to the successful partnership with STELS, MAN Truck & Bus has been able to evolve into one of the strongest brands in the Singaporean commercial vehicle market in recent years,” says Christian Schuf, Head of Sales & Product Bus at MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific.

The 1,000th bus was symbolically handed over to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) during the Singapore Business Night in front of around 800 guests invited by ST Engineering Land Systems. “We are delighted with this success – but also with the important contribution we and our vehicles make towards efficient and sustainable transport in Singapore,” explains Rudi Kuchta, Head of Product & Sales Bus at MAN Truck & Bus, adding: “Our success is built in part on meeting the diverse needs of our customers with an extensive product range.” Specifically, 12-metre rigid buses, 18-metre articulated buses and 12-metre double-deckers are all based on MAN Truck & Bus’ city bus chassis. These are assembled by Malaysian body manufacturer Gemilang.


“Just last year, MAN Truck & Bus Asia Pacific received a major order for 500 double-decker and single-decker buses for Singapore – selling more vehicles in the process than ever before in a single year,” Schuf notes. The A95 six-wheel low-floor chassis, which the double-decker city bus is based on, is fitted with a Euro 6 engine that produces 320 hp (235 kW), in addition to a six-speed ZF EcoLife gearbox. Meanwhile, residents and the environment are both respected due to the vehicles’ low noise and exhaust emissions. A safe and comfortable driving experience is ensured for both drivers and passengers thanks to the electronic brake system (EBS), along with ABS, ASR and the electronic stability programme (ESP). The lower deck contains a wheelchair space. In addition, special seating is available for older people and passengers with reduced mobility. The low-floor double-deckers, specially engineered for the Asian market, are used on urban routes.

“In close partnership with STE Land Systems and body manufacturer Gemilang, we are constantly working on new concepts, including three-door versions for an improved passenger flow and an optimised interior layout for higher passenger capacities and lower vehicle weights,” Schuf explains.

Customers can also benefit from a strong sales partner, comprehensive customer service and on-site training. “The numbers prove how well this is received: In recent years, we have not only sold more than 1,000 buses in Singapore, but 1,000 trucks as well. We are proud of this remarkable success story,” says Christian Fischer, Head of International Key Account Bus at MAN Truck & Bus.

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