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PLUS, the highway authority just gave away RM10k worth of Safety Cones to Haulage Associations

Why did PLUS donate 300 safety cones worth RM10,000 to three of Malaysia’s largest heavy vehicle associations? This is what we want answered when it is common knowledge that the haulage industry members have got no financial issues at all and they are all reaping good profits.

The three associates that benefited from this RM10,000 gift was the:

  • Association of Malaysian Hauliers (AMH)
  • Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Trucking Association and the
  • Association of Tipper Lorry Owners (Selangor and Kuala Lumpur)

These safety cones will be distributed to their respective lorry drivers.

What about smaller truck owners or individual self employed truckers who drive ageing trucks that are more prone to breakdowns?

Association truckers are mostly driving new shiny trucks with high visibility and it is the smaller self employed truckers that need to be visible on the highway shoulder. They need these safety cones, not the already successful logistic association tycoons.


PLUS then turned this into a media exercise to get maximum exposure of their RM10,000 gift by having a hand over ceremony where Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi, Chief Operating Officer of PLUS handed the bright red and white safety cones to Dato’ Nazari Hj Akhbar, President of AMH, Ng Yoon Kin, Secretary General of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Trucking Association and Tan Boon Hing, Chairman of the Association of Tipper Lorry Owners (Selangor and Kuala Lumpur).

Press Release: “This is part of our effort to help reduce the number of accidents due to stalled lorries on the highways. In fact, safety cones are crucial to alert other users and prevent accidents in an event of a vehicle breakdown on the highway,” said Zakaria, “and must be installed at a safe distance behind a stalled vehicle to allow ample space and time for highway users, especially motorcyclists to safely maneuver their vehicles.”

“PLUS regularly collaborates with enforcement agencies such as the Police and the Road

Transport Department (RTD) to improve safety on our highway. Today, we extended our

collaboration with heavy vehicle operators to meet the same objective. It is our commitment in taking care of our customers, every steps of their way,” he added.

According to Dato’ Nazari, President of AMH that this the first time an organisation has generously donated safety cones to lorries as they are mandatory safety items that every heavy vehicle must have.


So, if every heavy vehicle MUST HAVE safety cones, why is not mandatory for the haulage/logistic owner to provide for them?


Scania Has Record Truck Sales In Malaysia For 2018


Scania Malaysia sold 393 trucks in 2018, making it a record year for the 128-year-old Swedish heavy commercial vehicle company since it began its operations in Malaysia in the 1970’s.

“I would like to thank our customers for their continued strong trust in Scania. This is an endorsement of our trucks and the services’ ability to deliver the best fuel economy, safety, reliability and uptime as customers continue to appreciate the holistic and total solutions approach that we provide, especially when they look for the best profitability in the long term,” said Marie Sjödin Enström, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

“I would also like to thank the passionate team at Scania Malaysia for always putting the customers’ business in the centre of their daily concern. We will continue to grow with our customers in 2019, especially with the recent launch of the New Truck Generation and the introduction of Scania Ecolution,” added Marie.

Scania1_Marie Sjödin Enström thanks Scania customers for their strong trust in Scania

Scania has introduced its latest award-winning New Truck Generation in Malaysia that has been designed and engineered to give fleet owners greater total operating economy and profitability, as well as lower CO2 emissions. The New Truck Generation by Scania is equipped with aerodynamic and powertrain innovations that cut fuel costs by 3 per cent, the result of the company’s largest-ever investment of some SEK 20 billion (RM10 billion), 10 years of development work and more than 10 million kilometres of test-driving.

scania fire truck_engine scania tipper 06539-036 08350-057

Scania also introduced Scania Ecolution last year. It is a tailor-made partnership between customer’s business and Scania, with the sole purpose of reducing fuel consumption up to 10% and lower CO2 emissions.

“It is a competitive industry that is increasingly focusing on sustainability, which we believe can go hand-in-hand with profitability for our customers. Scania Ecolution will facilitate the shift towards a sustainable transport system for transport companies whether it is transporting goods or people,” said Marie.