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New Ford Fiesta Comes with “Wrong Way Alert” Feature

2022 Ford Fiesta

Ford has revealed the new Ford Fiesta in the UK, featuring new styling, an enhanced technology package, and upgraded mild hybrid powertrains.

What we love the most about the new Fiesta is that it now comes with a Wrong Way Alert as part of a suite of advanced driver assistance technologies.

The system uses a windscreen-mounted camera in combination with information from the car’s navigation system to provide drivers with an audible and visual warning should they drive through two “No Entry” signs on a motorway ramp.

Looking at how driving on the wrong side of the road has become a trend in Malaysia, this is the feature we actually need the most at the moment.


Coming back to the Fiesta, the model range has been expanded with new Vignale packs that amplify the Titanium, ST‑Line and Active personalities with luxury specifications.

2022 Ford Fiesta

The new Fiesta’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost Hybrid engine is available with 125 PS and 155 PS power outputs, combined with either a seven-speed Powershift dual-clutch automatic or a six-speed manual transmission.

Meanwhile, EcoBoost Hybrid models feature a belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG) in place of the standard alternator, enabling recovery and storage of energy usually lost during braking and coasting to charge a 48-volt lithium-ion, air-cooled battery pack.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST

The new Fiesta ST on the other hand, comes with a 1.5‑litre EcoBoost engine providing 200 PS and 320 Nm of torque.

Patented, cold-formed force vectoring springs and Tenneco twin-tube front dampers provide the Fiesta ST with sharp turn-in and high levels of body control, while an optional Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential delivers enhanced traction and cornering agility.

New driving modes in the Ford Fiesta

In addition to the Normal and Sport Drive Modes, the new Fiesta ST also features a Track mode in place of new Fiesta’s Eco mode, which disables traction control and sets ESC to wide-slip mode for circuit driving.

2022 Ford Fiesta ST

On the exterior, the new Fiesta gets a bonnet design that increases the height of the nose, combined with larger upper grilles. The Ford “blue oval” badge is now displayed within the grille, rather than on the bonnet lip, contributing to greater road presence.

New standard LED headlights also contribute to the confident, modern design language of the new Fiesta, with sleek horizontal design.

2022 Ford Fiesta

At the rear, the standard lights receive new black surrounds for a more sophisticated appearance, while the available LED rear lights are completed with a Premium Black outer finish.

More personalisation options

Each new Fiesta variant has a more differentiated personality with unique fascia and grille designs alongside signature exterior and interior design elements to reflect individual characters.

2022 Ford Fiesta

The Ford Performance-inspired ST-Line offers a sportier character and is recognisable by its new upper grille with deeper inset and gloss black honeycomb finish.

Interior of the Ford Fiesta

Inside, a 12.3-inch, fully-configurable TFT digital instrument cluster is introduced to new Fiesta giving drivers the ability to personalise and prioritise information displays including navigation notifications.

2022 Ford Fiesta interior

The cluster features uniquely-themed displays to correspond with selected Drive Modes, and a separate area for high-priority information such as driver assistance technologies.

That being said, whether or not the new Fiesta will come to Malaysia remains unknown as the brand is only focusing on selling the Ranger here as we speak.

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Ford Vehicles Can Now Find a Parking Spot by Themselves

Ford Valet Parking

Ford has partnered with technology companies like Bosch for instance, to demonstrate the Automated Valet Parking system, which basically enables the car to go find a parking spot and park itself.

The system enables drivers to use an app to send the vehicle into an automated parking manoeuvre – all from outside the vehicle.

Still in Demo phase

The technology, currently in the research and demonstration phase, takes the stress out of parking and could be extended to enable drivers to send the vehicle to a car wash or charging station; or even have parcels delivered to the vehicle in the car park.

In Europe, a standard parking space is 2.44 metres by 4.88 metres. But while vehicles have become increasingly larger over the years, many parking spaces have stayed the same size.

The Automated Valet Parking could enable up to 20 per cent more vehicles to be parked in a car park – without the potential for damage resulting from vehicles parking too close to each other or occupants opening doors against other vehicles.

Sensors in action

The car park sensors recognise and localise the vehicle to guide its parking manoeuvre. If the infrastructure senses something in the vehicle’s path, such as a pedestrian, vehicle or hazard, it stops the vehicle immediately.

Upon arriving at the car park, the driver leaves the vehicle in a designated area and uses the FordPass app to start the automated guidance to a free parking space.*

Ford Valet Parking

When the car is parked, it could also become a personal parcel drop-off point, with delivery companies accessing the vehicle to leave parcels in the boot.

FordPass app

Drivers can use the FordPass app to request the return of the vehicle to the designated area, expediting the pick-up experience and enabling the driver and passengers to comfortably enter the vehicle.

This saves any long walks through large car parks or the potential problem of trying to find the vehicle again.

The solution can be deployed by installing sensors into established car parks or with embedded infrastructure planned into the construction of new car parks that enables optimised design for maximum capacity.

It would be suitable for vehicles already on the road which have automatic transmission, Electronic Stability Control, an electric park-brake and assisted steering. All that the vehicle additionally requires is a smart communication unit for Automated Valet Parking.

This follows Ford’s announcement on August 4, 2021, of the opening of the Detroit Smart Parking Lab (DSPL) next month; a unique facility providing a physical environment for testing advanced technologies in parking, logistics and electric vehicle charging. It will be open for collaboration with pioneers in these areas to simulate real-world scenarios.

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Ford Unveils First All-White Mustang in 28 Years

2022 Mustang Coupe Ice White Edition

Ford is taking a page out of its Mustang history book with the introduction of the new Mustang Ice White Edition Appearance Package for both Mustang coupe and Mustang Mach-E.

This marks the first time in 28 years Ford is offering a white-on-white Mustang and the first time ever for the coupe.

Tribute to the ‘Triple White’

Ford Mustang Ice White Edition

“Mustang has always had the power to attract attention on the road, but the new Mustang Ice White Edition could – just like the original ’93 Triple White Fox body feature Mustang – become one of the hot collectibles of future generations,” said Jim Owens, Mustang brand marketing manager.

“We are proud to continue a longstanding Mustang tradition of continuously offering fresh, new styling options for customers to empower them to make their Mustang an extension of who they are.”

Ford Mustang Mach E Ice White Edition

According to Ford, the package will only be offered to owners of the Mustang and Mustang Mach-E Premium variants.


On the exterior, the Star White Metallic Tri-Coat paint includes unique Star White mirror caps and wheel lip moldings to ice-out the exterior.

Front and centre on the grille is an Oxford White pony badge, which also appears between the tri-bar tail lamps. The package adds unique 19-inch machined-face aluminium wheels with Oxford White-painted pockets.

Ford Mustang Ice White Edition

Light Space Gray sets the cabin stage, appearing on the seats, center console and door-panel armrests. A Bright Silver hex-patterned instrument panel plus an Oxford White pony badge on the steering wheel add chill to the interior environment.

Reminiscent of the 1993 Triple White Fox body feature Mustang, the 2022 Mustang coupe Ice White Edition gives customers the option to add even more head-turning style to the world’s best-selling sports car.

Ford Mustang Ice White Edition

Ford made just 1,500 Triple White Fox body feature Mustangs – all convertibles.

Oxford White

Available on Mustang EcoBoost and GT Premium fastback models, the Mustang Ice White Edition comes lacquered exclusively in Oxford White and features unique iced-out tail lamps, plus heritage-inspired 19×9-inch wheels in matching Oxford White with machine-surfaced pockets.

Ford Mustang Ice White Edition

Just like on the Ice White Edition Mustang Mach-E, the Ice White Mustang coupe comes with Oxford White pony badges and fender badging.

The black and white interior features Oxford White leather seat inserts front and rear, plus Oxford White leather door panels. An aluminium appliqué on the dash and white accent stitching on the centre console, door panels, shifter boot, headrests and more add to the cool cabin environment.

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Ford Focus ST Mk4 Gets Mountune Treatment – 365 PS, 560 Nm

mountune m365

Owners of the Mk4 Ford Focus ST who are thinking of upgrading their car and have something to refer to now – the latest power upgrade kit from mountune called the m365.

Mountune’s latest kit for the Focus ST is a second-stage modular upgrade, taking the original m330 upgrade to higher power and torque outputs across the whole rev-range.

85 PS bump

Running the m365 upgrade sees the Focus ST’s peak power boosted to 365 PS and peak torque to 560Nm, a rise of 85 PS and 140Nm over standard.

mountune m365

This upgrade in power and torque is delivered by mountune’s Bluetooth OBD dongle and SMARTflash app running on any smartphone or tablet, combined with the high-flow panel air filter (as per m330), plus the all-new 3″ high-flow downpipe with sports catalyst and new Sport GPF – greatly reducing exhaust gas back-pressure whilst not detrimentally affecting the vehicle’s emissions.

This has been vigorously tested by moutune’s dedicated engineering team to ensure that it will still easily pass European emissions test for cars as they become 3+ years old.

More powerful than the m330 kit

For customers who have already purchased the m330 upgrade kit and who have the required supporting hardware, upgrading their ECU can be easily supported via a calibration upgrade.

mountune m365

 “We are delighted to launch our latest upgrade kit for the much-loved mk4 Focus ST. Ford has done a great job with the stock ST and what we have done with this m365 upgrade kit is to fully optimise the calibration with our newly engineered low-back pressure exhaust hardware,” said David Mountain, Managing Director, mountune.

The m365 mTune Smartflash includes four interchangeable calibrations – m365 performance, m330 performance, stock performance, and anti-theft.


The intuitive SMARTflash system has been designed to enable selection between different calibrations simple and fast, giving users the freedom to change the vehicle to suit their needs and available fuel quality.

mountune m365

Focus ST owners wishing to install the m365, should purchase the m365 mTune SMARTflash upgrade, complete with Bluetooth OBD interface, as well as the mountune 3″ high-flow downpipe with sports catalyst, the new mountune Sport GPF and high-flow panel filter.

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Ford Unveils F-150 Lightning Pro All-Electric Pickup Truck

2022 F-150 Lightning Pro

Ford has officially taken the wraps off the all-new 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro – the brand’s first-ever all-electric pickup truck which joins the E-Transit in the growing lineup of electric workhorses.

Purpose built for commercial customers, the F-150 Lightning Pro offers customers a 563 hp 4×4 powertrain, which produces a massive 1050 Nm of torque. It includes an 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro, which, when combined with the included onboard dual chargers, enables affordable Level 2 overnight charging using battery-friendly AC power – negating the need for expensive DC power installation.

4,500 kg towing capacity

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

Equipped with the optional Max Trailer Tow Package, the truck’s maximum towing increases to 4.5 tons.

The military-grade aluminium alloy body and upgraded high-strength steel frame support the advanced battery, while the first F-Series independent rear suspension and low centre of gravity help improve isolation from the road, provide a stable ride and reduce steering roll – all while maintaining the durability and reliability expected of an F-150.

Advanced cooling systems help further ensure the truck can thrive even through the toughest of ordeals, while thick, high-strength aluminium alloy protects the components and steel underbody shields are added for extra protection of the battery and dual electric in-board motors in the front and rear.

Hood becomes extra boot

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

Under the hood, where an internal combustion engine used to be, is a spacious, high-tech cargo area complete with four 120-volt AC Pro Power on-board electrical outlets and two USB ports.

It also features a rugged, water-tight space strong enough to store 400 pounds of cement bags. Under the powered waterfall hood with bumper-height opening, this well-lit space can be locked, unlocked and accessed from either the remote key fob, an exterior button or from inside the vehicle. A one-way drain makes cleaning easy.

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

The F-150 Lightning Pro will also be offered in a full-size four-door, five-passenger SuperCrew configuration. It features easy-to-clean vinyl seats along with standard SYNC 4 with 12-inch color LCD touch screen and 12-inch productivity screen, plus standard Ford Co-Pilot360 2.0 – a comprehensive collection of driver-assist features. 

5.5-foot cargo bed

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

A full-size spare tire is mounted under the 5.5-foot cargo bed – which has similar mounting points to the current F-150 for easy upfitting along with a standard Class IV hitch.

The truck’s Intelligent Range system reduces range anxiety through an adaptive monitoring system that calculates battery range needed to complete a trip, factoring in terrain, weather, cargo and trailer load, and distance to destination.

Sync 4

That data is shared with the cloud-based Ford Power My Trip feature and SYNC 4, so customers can plan their routes and monitor charge use while driving.

Should range become low, the system maps the nearest available charging station from America’s largest public charging network of more than 63,000 plugs – including DC Fast Charging locations – to help ensure drivers are not left stranded.

That being said, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is sold in America for about 40,000 USD (RM165,760).

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Sime Darby Auto Selection Launches Extended Warranty Program

Sime Darby Auto Selection

Sime Darby Auto Selection (SDAS), Malaysia’s fastest-growing corporate multi-brand used car dealer under Sime Darby Motors, is introducing an Extended Warranty Program for pre-owned cars in collaboration with Guard My Ride (GMR) and RHB Insurance.

The new Extended Warranty Program, offers pre-owned vehicle owners peace of mind with  comprehensive warranty coverage as well as repair and service for the following:

  • Engine system
  • Rare/Front Axle
  • Electronic system
  • Transmission oil leaks
  • Steering system
  • Turbo system
  • Braking system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Cooling system
  • Ignition system
  • Fuel system
  • Transmission system

The programme also offers complimentary towing service to nationwide panel workshops for repair and servicing, insurance coverage and insurance underwriting.


Vehicles with mileage of under 140,000 km and less than 8 years are eligible for the programme which is priced between RM2,200 and RM6,900 per year depending on the vehicle age and type. The Extended Warranty Program can be purchased at SDAS Glenmarie showroom and is also open to customers who purchase pre-owned vehicles from SDAS.

SDAS service centre

SDAS Managing Director Vi Thim Juan said the company aims to be a one-stop-centre for customers in the pre-owned vehicle market, catering to all their needs which include retail of good quality and thoroughly checked multi-brand pre-owned vehicles, service and repairs, as well as its latest Extended Warranty Program.

“SDAS strives to keep innovating our offerings in anticipation of customers’ needs, and hopefully exceed the demand of our customers. We aim to set ourselves apart from the competition and we are determined to only offer quality products and services that are akin to the 3S centres,” said Vi.

On the collaboration with its partners GMR and RHB insurance, GMR will be the service provider for all the extended warranty claims, towing service and repair work while RHB insurance is the motor insurance and insurance underwriter provider.

From one brand to many

Sime Darby Auto Selection recently expanded its offerings from being a certified BMW Premium Selection dealer to a nationwide multi-brand dealer with several locations in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru today. It is a unit under Sime Darby Motors, one of Asia Pacific’s leading automotive groups actively involved in all facets of the automotive business – from importation and assembly to distribution, retail and rental.

Guard My Ride provides a comprehensive extended warranty service backed by RHB insurance for used and recond car owners, with a definitive focus on being transparent to their customers throughout the whole claims process – on top of having a fast turnaround rate.

Their current partnerships include MyTukar, Evo Malaysia and Sime Darby Auto Selection. Guard My Ride also puts a lot of emphasis on the appointment of panel workshops that aims to provide an excellent standard of car servicing and maintenance quality.

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Sime Darby Motors City is Officially Open for Business

Sime Darby Motors City

Sime Darby Motors clocked another milestone with the official launch of its automotive facility, Sime Darby Motors City in Ara Damansara earlier this week.

Touted as the largest automotive complex in Southeast Asia, Sime Darby Motors City spans across 8.6 acres with an overall built-up area of 1.3 million square feet over eight levels.

Six brands under one roof

The complex houses six flagship centres featuring ten flagship brands represented by Sime Darby Motors in Malaysia, namely BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI, Motorrad, Porsche and Volvo. It also has an indoor facility capable of housing close to 100 vehicles under Sime Darby Motors’ pre-owned car business Sime Darby Auto Selection.

Integrated with the latest technologies to enrich the overall customer experience at every touch point, the facility boasts almost 200 service bays, approximately 700 customer parking and electric vehicle (EV) charging bays and the capacity to display more than 180 vehicles.  

Supporting the facility are approximately 60 Auto Bavaria technicians for BMW, MINI and Motorrad and over 110 certified technicians. This includes technicians who hold the highest level of certification by the principal brands, including the Zertifizierter Porsche Techniker Gold Certification which is streamlined for Porsche technicians worldwide. Brands like Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar and Land Rover also have certifications with the highest being trained as Master Technicians.

Fully digital infrastructure

At the heart of the facility’s digital infrastructure is its Vehicle Tracking Management system which utilises a camera-based parking guide and customisable signages to ensure a higher level of guidance, security and convenience for the customer.

It also allows for quicker collection of vehicles upon completion of service. Internally, the facility’s digitalised infrastructure communicates the status of each vehicle in real-time, ensuring greater efficiencies are achieved.

IoT-powered Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras have also been installed, as part of a contactless self-check-in system, which enables customers’ appointment data to be accessed, upon their arrival.

Concurrently, a service advisor will be alerted and automatically assigned to the customer, allowing for a seamless experience. The deployment of these technologies will be rolled out progressively throughout Sime Darby Motors City.

Once in the showroom, customers can opt for a contactless self-check-in which utilises a QR code system. This will allow customers to be placed immediately in the queue without having to wait to be attended to, allowing for a fuss-free service experience. The introduction of this check-in system will be introduced across all brands at Sime Darby Motors City.

siem darby motors city

To support these enhancements to the after-sales experience, Sime Darby Motors has also digitalised the business for its sales representatives. This includes the introduction of a mobile application, which has enabled sales representatives to be connected anytime and anywhere with real-time data to better serve customers. With the mobile application, they can now populate and print application forms wirelessly, minimising steps in the administrative process and reducing customers’ waiting time.


Sime Darby Motors City also welcomes partners from our mobility collaborations; SOCAR, Malaysia’s leading car-sharing network and myTukar, Malaysia’s fastest growing online used car trading platform. The complex will have designated parking bays for SOCAR vehicles – ideal for customers dropping off their vehicles for service, and will be a showcase centre for myTukar trade-in vehicles, in collaboration with Sime Darby Auto Selection.

Sime Darby Motors City

The facility is equipped with specialised EV-certified technicians and designated areas for EV charging, storage and repairs as well, which are currently available at Auto Bavaria, Auto Hyundai, Auto Performance and Swedish Auto.

And then we have Sime Darby Auto Performance which houses a high speed EV charging station that is capable of delivering a maximum of 175 kW, able to provide a near-full charge within 36 minutes, which is at least eight times faster than the fastest Alternating Current (AC) charger available at 22 kW.

The complex is a Green Building Index (GBI) certified facility built with sustainability in mind and incorporates technologies to cultivate a paperless organisational culture.

Grand Launch Weekend

To commemorate the launch, Sime Darby Motors City will be organising a “Grand Launch Weekend” with attractive deals across the six flagship stores between 16 and 18 April 2021. Interested customers are advised to make an appointment, in adherence with the government’s COVID-19 standard operating procedures on crowd control and physical distancing.

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Ford Recognizes Top Global Distributors

Ford Award

Ford Direct Markets recently announced the winners of its annual Chairman’s and President’s Awards.

In case you didn’t know, the Chairman’s Award and President’s Award are programmes that were designed by Ford to recognize its top distributor partners who were able to deliver outstanding customer experience and operations in the year 2020.

“At Ford, these are the most prestigious awards we, as a company, make to our distributor partners annually,” said Randy Krieger, President, Ford Direct Markets. “They are our way of  recognizing the most outstanding initiatives and performances of the prior year, and thanking our key stakeholders across Ford’s Direct Markets for their continued efforts to ensure our customers are treated like family, and remain satisfied, loyal, long-term advocates for our Ford and Lincoln brands.”

Ford Chairman Award

The awards

Introduced by Ford in 2016 regionally, the annual awards programme evaluates distributors primarily on their highest level of overall customer satisfaction (CVP) and:

  • Highest level sales customer satisfaction (CVP)
  • Highest level service customer satisfaction (CVP)
  • Best sales performance (ASO)
  • Best parts performance (ASO)

A total of fifteen distributor partners won accolades across Ford’s vast Direct Markets business unit hailing from American Samoa, Cameroon, Cambodia, Egypt, Fiji, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Senegal, Tanzania and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Out of the fifteen awards, six distributor partners – Al Tayer Motors in the UAE, Al Mana in Qatar, in Egypt, InterAuto in Mozambique, Sime Darby in Malaysia and Samoa Motors in American Samoa – took home the coveted Chairman’s Award.  

Chairman’s Award

The prestigious Chairman’s Award for Malaysia marks the market’s second time it had received this coveted award with the highest level of sales and service customer satisfaction, recognising it as one of the very best Ford distributor and dealer organisations in the world.

What this means is that Ford customers in Malaysia are among the most satisfied with the services provided by the brand, compared to all the other countries in the world where the Ford brand is also present.

The authorised distributor for Ford vehicles in Malaysia is none other than Sime Darby Auto Connexion.

Ford’s Direct Markets include the Middle East, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia Pacific Direct Markets – Distributors across these territories have displayed outstanding commitment and contribution to the Ford business, and together, Ford and its partners continue to create must-have products and services, and treat customers like family.

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Ford Offering Up to 20% Savings for Service Customers This Month

Ford Service

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the sole distributor for Ford in Malaysia has announced a service promotion from now to 31 May 2021 in conjunction with the upcoming festive period.

“We always aim to deliver value-added benefits and services to our customers. Through this service promotion, we hope to offer customers savings during this festive period to keep them and their vehicles safe and at optimum condition as they go about their daily lives,” said Turse Zuhair, Head of Sales, Sime Darby Auto ConneXion.

When customers book a service during this period, they can benefit from savings of up to 20 percent on selected parts and engine oil.

More savings

For more savings, customers can also enjoy a 20 discount on brake and timing belt packages, up to 20 percent discount on lubricant package, on top of the 10 percent labour discount for the said packages.

For added peace-of-mind, Ford owners can also take advantage of the free 27-point vehicle inspection conducted by Ford-certified technicians to ensure their vehicles are in tip-top condition.

Free gifts

Additionally, each cash paying customer who spends more than RM350 in a single receipt will receive an exclusive travel mug and all service customers will also receive free green packets.

Customers can rest assured that only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are used when servicing at any of the 39 Ford authorised service centres nationwide.

With Genuine Ford Parts, customers can be certain of the highest standards of quality, fit and finish as the parts are specifically designed for Ford vehicles to ensure superior performance.

Warranty for parts

Ford Service

Additionally, all Ford genuine parts are covered under warranty for a period of 12 months or 20,000kms, whichever occurs first, excluding wear and tear parts.

For even more convenience, customers can book a service appointment online via the Ford website.

For seven authorised Ford Service Centres nationwide – namely Ford Ara Damansara, Ford Petaling Jaya 2, Ford Juru, Ford Butterworth, Ford Kuching, Ford Kota Kinabalu and Ford Tawau, customers are able to book their e-Service Appointment in real-time.

This allows customers to immediately know the available vehicle service time slots at their chosen dealership as well as select and confirm their preferred schedule, up to one month in advance.

The necessary Standard Operating Procedures to combat Covid-19 is being enforced at all premises, including crowd control and social distancing, so it is advisable to make a service appointment ahead of time.

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Malaysia Gets World’s First Red Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor X

Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), the authorised distributor of Ford vehicles in Malaysia today unveiled the New Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition in a new striking True Red colour, exclusively for customers in Malaysia – making it the first Red Raptor to be introduced in the market.

Priced at RM216,888 on-the-road without insurance, the Ford Ranger Raptor X comes with a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty or 160,000km, whichever comes first.

Ford Ranger Raptor X


The New Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition comes standard with a 360-degree camera. The technology combines several video cameras to provide real-time full coverage of the area surrounding the vehicle – be it in the urban setting or difficult off-road terrains.

It also features a dual channel Kenwood Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that offers a range of functions, including Quad high-definition (HD) recording, wide-angle viewing, night view recording, a built-in polarised filter and Mobile App connect via hotspot. Compatible with both Apple iOS and Android, it also comes with a 32GB memory card which will allow drivers to record their life’s adventures or as a safety feature.

Ford Ranger Raptor X

An exclusive Raptor X decal and Special Edition carpet mat provides even more differentiation.

The Ranger Raptor’s unique chassis frame had been newly-developed and extensively modified for high speeds and endurance off-road. Its race-bred suspension has also been specifically crafted to tackle the toughest terrains, smoothing out jumps, bumps and ruts. No other production truck in Malaysia features the legendary FOX Racing Shox and a huge ultra-strength bash plate as standard equipment.

Ford Ranger Raptor X

Its cutting-edge Terrain Management System offers six pre-set driving modes to conquer virtually any terrain, at the turn of a dial. Inspired by the Baja 1000 Desert Race, the famed Baja Mode dials down traction, improves responsiveness and shifting speed, and optimises the Ranger Raptor for high-speed off-roading.


As for its performance, the Raptor delivers 213 PS of power and 500Nm of torque and has been carefully calibrated with Ford’s latest 10-speed automatic transmission with PaddleShift technology.

The New Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition is also packed with the latest smart and safety technologies offering customers complete confidence as they go about their adventures.

Ford Ranger Raptor X

First in-class Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning and Assist comes standard.

With a five-star NCAP rating, the New Ford Ranger Raptor X Special Edition comes with the new 5-year manufacturer’s warranty or 160,000km (whichever comes first) for Year Make 2021 Ranger model onwards and is aimed at providing better value to new Ranger owners.

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