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DAF Completes Largest Order in South America


It is the largest order ever for DAF Trucks in South America: 200 trucks ordered by transport company Grupo Prodes in Colombia. The vehicles are all three-axle CF 6×4 tractors for the distribution of beer, soft drinks and tropical fruit to inhospitable areas.  

Grupo Prodes is one of the largest transport operators in Colombia, with a fleet of around 1,500 trucks and 2,000 trailers.


With its head office located in Medellin Antioquia, the company also has depots throughout Colombia, a country similar in size to France, Germany and the Benelux put together.

Much of Grupo Prodes operations are with a large Colombian brewery. The transport operator also specialises in the refrigerated transportation of tropical fruit. 

The phased delivery of the 200 DAFs has just begun following extensive testing of the CF by Grupo Prodes.


“We operate a multi-brand and multi-chassis fleet so we have lots of vehicles we could compare it with. But in terms of reliability, fuel efficiency, manoeuvrability and driver comfort, the DAF CF is really in a class of its own,” says Federico Medina, Director of Transport at Grupo Prodes.

“We are so convinced by the quality of the truck that we increased our initial order of 150 trucks to 200.” 

In terms of appearance the DAF trucks will look much like standard specification CFs, but, technically, they are being prepared for a very tough working life.

Extra robust tandem axles

“Grupo Prodes has ordered heavy-duty chassis with extra robust tandem axles for maximum traction, which will enable the vehicles to operate day in, day out under the most demanding conditions,” says Johan Doensen, DAF Trucks’ Area Sales Manager Sales Operations. 

The trucks will be supplied and maintained by DAF dealer Kenworth de la Montaña, which has 14 workshops in Colombia and specializes in both the DAF and Kenworth brands. 


Available either as a tractor or rigid chassis in two, three or four axle configurations, the DAF CF was built to handle the demands of intensive use, this multifunctional truck is a top performer in every application.

This includes bulk or tank transport, to heavy-duty work in the construction industry and from garbage collection to general distribution.

Compared to the previous generation model, the current DAF CF offers improved fuel efficiency, along with more power and torque at lower revs.

It is also capable of moving up to 100 kilogram higher payload, with service-intervals up to 200,000 km. The CF can also be had with DAF Connect fleet management system for the highest transport efficiency.

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DAF Trucks Goes Electric  

The company’s entire current vehicle lineup on display at the recent Hannover show included some future-focused electric and hybrid truck models, which will be entering customer field tests this year and next.

DAF hybrid

“The overriding priority for any development is to provide value to our customers,” says Ron Borsboom, management board member at DAF. “Our approach has always been and will always be to thoroughly validate our new developments before launch. That customer-focused strategy continues with electric and hybrid trucks. Zero emissions and low noise levels may be demanded in the future as cities announce their intentions to create zero-emission zones which could drive a need for our customers to have a wide variety of solutions to meet their needs.”


DAF LF Electric

The 19-tonne DAF LF Electric Innovation Truck is equipped with a 340-peak horsepower electric motor and 222-kWh lithium-ion battery packs, which gives the vehicle a maximum operating range of 220 kilometres at full cargo capacity. The truck’s battery packs are modular, meaning customers can choose the best capacity for their specific needs. The model on display at IAA 2018 is well-suited for distribution work in cities.


DAF CF Electric

DAF’s CF Electric Innovation truck is a 4×2 tractor that supports a maximum gross combination weight (GCW) of 37 tonnes. It has a 325-peak horsepower electric motor and a 170-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that gives it a range of roughly 100 kilometres, which makes it a fit for distribution in urban environments. It also features VDL E-Power Technology. You can perform a quick battery charge in 30 minutes or fully charge the battery pack in around an hour and 30 minutes.

DAF CF Hybrid

The DAF CF Hybrid Innovation Truck is a hybrid in more ways than one, because it runs on diesel and electric power, and it can be used in-city or in long-haul operations. It sports a 10.8-litre PACCAR MX-11 engine that produces 450 horsepower, a ZF electric motor that produces 175 peak horsepower, and a ZF TraXon transmission. The CF Hybrid has a maximum electric range of 30 to 50 kilometres at various GCWs. You can charge the batteries with the diesel engine while driving on the highway or get a full charge in 30 minutes and an 80% charge in 20 minutes at a DC charging station. Braking and using Down Hill Speed Control and Predictive Cruise Control will recharge the batteries over time.

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