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Nikola testing its Hydrogen truck

American start-up Nikola Motor Company presented its third truck called ‘Tre’, which is powered by hydrogen. The prototype and the two predecessor models Nikola One and Nikola Two will be presented in April 2019 in Phoenix. The new model, intended for the European market, does not have an outstanding design. It resembles those of well-known models such as MAN or Scania. Depending on the equipment, the truck should have a range of 500 to 1,200 kilometers and have a hydrogen fuel cell. The Tre will be available in 6×4 and 6×2 configurations.

Nikola hydrogen

The name “Tre” comes from Norwegian and stands for the number “three”. Nikola Motor Company has selected the Norwegian hydrogen company from Oslo, “Nel Hydrogen” , which will provide the necessary technological knowledge for the infrastructure. The Norwegians and their technologies are among the leading suppliers in the field of hydrogen.

Nikola hydrogen_1

“We will work with Nel to secure resources for our European growth strategy and we have a lot of work to do, but we can do that with the right partners,” said Kim Brady, CFO of Nikola Motor Company. The Tre is to be charged at special hydrogen stations, which are to be installed in Europe from 2022 onwards. Between 2,000 and 8,000 kilograms of hydrogen are to be produced per station per day. In the US and Canada, more than 700 hydrogen stations are to be built by 2028.

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Is Kia Planning On A New Segment Player?  

The pickup truck market in North America and Asia does not seem to be slowing down, just like the SUV segment. So, it is probably time for SUV brands with no pickup trucks in their lineup to start thinking about it as the platform and technology from a SUV can easily be put into production as a pickup truck to cater to lifestyle buyers.

Kia Motors America (KMA) in 2016 unveiled a cutting-edge vision for a full-size SUV at the 2016 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Called the ‘Telluride’, it was a striking three-row, seven-passenger, luxury SUV concept that featured a modern and upright shape, muscular stance, and state-of-the-art technology to care for its occupants.

Purely conceptual, the Kia Telluride was based on an existing platform and reveals the brand’s interest in potentially offering a premium SUV positioned above the current hot-selling Sorento 3-row SUV.

Now, with the same platform, Kia is able to produce this compact large pickup truck for the North American market, which could also see interest in Asia as we have seen with the Ford Raptor.

At 70.9-inches tall, 79.1-inches wide and 196.9-inches long, the Telluride SUV is 4.4-inches taller, 4.7-inches wider, and a sizable 9.5-inches longer than the current Sorento.

Underpinning the Telluride is a modified Sorento chassis with a wheelbase stretched 11.9 inches to 121.3 inches, giving Telluride a dominating presence. It’s modern and muscular appearance is accentuated by flared fenders stretching around massive 22-inch five-spoke wheels.

The Telluride’s front fascia incorporates a much larger version of Kia’s signature tiger nose grille, and its menacing face brings an attitude all its own with recessed quad-LED headlamps, pronounced horizontal LED indicator lights, and an aggressive polished-metal skid plate below the bumper. In the rear, thin vertical taillights align with the modern design language of the SUV, while consistent styling cues across the front and rear door handles, hood scoops and dual exhaust tips enhance the vehicle’s solid appearance.

Kia pickup truck

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Hyundai Tucson modded for African markets

Hyundai in South Africa was selling this special ‘Hyundai Sport’ version which appeared two years ago, before the general facelift. This was limited edition and dues to its success the Hyundai brand division has decided to continue to offer it across the rest of Africa and maybe even some Asian markets.

The car was chosen with the same exterior package that it had before and before the facelift: redesigned bumpers, new thresholds and two double ends of the sports exhaust (PL TGCRDI Quad Sports Exhaust). 19-inch black jets are also part of the transfer, and the roof railings are no longer silver but black.

The Sport version is based on the top level Elite equipment, which includes, among other things, LED headlights, upholstered leather seats and the front ones are electrically adjustable, multimedia system with touchscreen, rear camcorder, panoramic sunroof, angle monitoring system death, automatic climate control and cruise control.

Under the hood there is a 2.0-liter and four-cylinder CRDi diesel engine, which was chosen with a Stage 1 Performance Enhancement that increased its power from 178 to 204 horses, and the torque from 400 to 460 Nm.

The gearbox to which the aggregate is coupled is an eight-speed automatic. Working only in combination with front-wheel drive can make 0-100km/h in 9.3 seconds, while the maximum speed stops at 201km/h.

Hyundai-Tucson-Sport-facelift_5 Hyundai-Tucson-Sport-facelift_4 Hyundai-Tucson-Sport-facelift_3 Hyundai-Tucson-Sport-facelift_2

The second engine on offer is a 1.6-liter TGDI, same as four-cylinder and optimized by a performance kit, to produce 204hp but a maximum torque of 300Nm. The gearbox in this case is a seven-speed robotized and double-clutch, which in combination with a front-wheel drive can accelerate the car from place to 100km/h in 8.9 seconds and up to the same maximum speed.

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Mpire Group Launches Foton’s 3S in Glenmarie  

Foton launchedIMG_0928

The Mpire Group has just successfully launched their Mpire Asia 3S centre at Glenmarie and the all new Foton View C2 5.4 meter panel van and the Foton CS2 L 6 meter 18-seater window van in Malaysia.

Foton launchedIMG_0920

Mpire Group thanks YB Tuan Tan Kok Wai, Malaysian special envoy to China and Datuk Aishah Ahmad, MAA President who together graced and officiated the event. A big thank you also goes to Mr. Khoo Kah Chin, President of KL & Selangor Used car and Credit Companies Association and the top management from Foton International who attended the event.

Foton launchedIMG_0942 Foton launchedIMG_0944 Foton launchedIMG_0945

Foton launchedIMG_0908 (1) Foton launchedIMG_0917 (1) Foton launchedIMG_0917 Foton launchedIMG_0933 Foton launchedIMG_0938 Foton launchedIMG_0940 Foton launchedIMG_0941 Foton launchedIMG_0947 Foton launchedIMG_0948 Foton launchedIMG_0949 Foton launchedIMG_0950

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PROTON to launch X70 on 12 December @ KLCC

PROTON Booth 2

PROTON gave the Proton X70, its first ever SUV, its public debut during the media day of the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS). Held at the Malaysian International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) in Kuala Lumpur the show officially opens its doors to the public from 23 November to 2 December and all visitors are invited to get a closer look at the Proton X70 when visiting the Company’s booth.

Although this won’t be the first time the Proton X70 is shown to the public, all previous instances were closed-door preview events for invited guests only. Therefore, this will be the first time it will be displayed in a public environment like KLIMS and for many visitors, this will be their first opportunity to take a closer look at both the inside and outside of PROTON’s newest model.

Aside from having five units on display, PROTON have also prepared special areas to give visitors a unique hands-on experience of the technology and equipment fitted to its newest model. For instance, a full scale half-cut model has been prepared to show critical areas where the body has been reinforced to make it safer in an accident. Display panels housing the touchscreen from the interior of the Proton X70 have also been prepared to demonstrate its usability and allow visitors to try the voice command system.

To add more excitement to its product display, PROTON will give KLIMS visitors a chance to experience the advanced driver assist systems offered on the Proton X70 without having to go for a test drive. A Virtual Reality (VR) area will simulate how systems like the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) with Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) work in real life, giving a preview of the sensations a driver will feel when they are activated.

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