smart #3 now in Malaysia from RM175,000 to RM255,000
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smart #3 now in Malaysia from RM175,000 to RM255,000

smart #3

smart Malaysia today announced the official pricing and launch of its newest product portfolio, the smart #3 during its First-Ever smart Tour brand roadshow held at Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

The On-The-Road Price (without insurance) of the smart #3 BRABUS, Premium and Pro – with Sales and Service Tax are :

smart #3 BRABUS                             RM255,000
smart #3 Premium                           
smart #3 Pro                                     

Premiering at the recent Malaysia Autoshow 2024, the smart #3 is the latest addition to the acclaimed smart family, featuring a sleek coupe exterior and a sophisticated interior. Expertly designed by Mercedes-Benz, the smart #3 seamlessly blends functionality with elegance offering an unparalleled driving experience.

smart #3 brabus

With the tagline #ChaseTheThrill, the smart #3 invites drivers to explore the intelligent features and distinct characteristics of the smart #3 Pro, Premium, and flagship BRABUS models. These models promise a premium experience and high-performance driving paving the way for a thrilling and futuristic journey.

Your Dynamic Urban Companion – smart #3

The smart #3 will be available as Pro, Premium, and BRABUS models specifically tailored for the Malaysian market. The smart #3 Pro variant features low drag 19″ Flux Wheels and a new industry-first seat rivet design with headrest featuring the smart logo. It is powered by a 49kWh LFP Battery, providing a WLTP Range of 325km.

smart #3

The smart #3 Premium variant offers additional features including CyberSparksLED + Matrix Headlamps, an Illuminated Front Grille, and a 66kWh NCM Battery. The battery powers 200kW/343Nm single motor driving the rear wheels, does a century sprint in 5.8s and delivering a WLTP Range of 455km, with top-notch AC and DC charging capabilities — making 22kW best in class!

The onboard AC charger can juice up your battery under 3 hours, with three new levels of regenerative braking: Low, Medium, and High, supported by 23 high-precision sensors enabling 21 ADAS functions.

smart #3

The smart #3 BRABUS variant is designed for high-performance enthusiasts, boasting a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.7 seconds. Performance is delivered by a 315kW/543Nm Dual-motor All-Wheel-Drive powertrain, offering exceptional handling, traction, and a practical WLTP Range of 415km.

The smart #3 features 12 stunning exterior color combinations, offering a variety of options to match any personality and style. This wide range of colors is a unique selling point not commonly offered by other brands. Inside, the smart #3 continues to impress with interior variants that allow you to personalize your driving experience, perfectly aligning with the brand’s commitment to individuality and sophistication.

smart #3

Introducing the smartCO Programme to Empower Communities and Entrepreneur for smart Owners

During the event, smart Malaysia also launched the smartCO programme, designed to create vibrant communities of automotive enthusiasts and turn hobbies into successful business ventures. This programme offers more business opportunities for smart owners and exclusive privileges from businesses promoted by smart owners.

smart #3

In line with our commitment to expanding our charging ecosystem, smart Malaysia has partnered with two additional Charging Point Operators (CPOs) – DC Handal and Carput Zap. This brings the total to six CPOs under PRO-NET’s partnership, significantly enhancing our IHU and Hello smart App ecosystem to provide access up to 80% of nationwide charging stations with real-time charging information.

“We are immensely proud to have added the new smart #3 to our product portfolio,” said Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of smart Malaysia. “The smart #3 will have significant potential in the premium segment, reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence.

smart #3

We aspire to foster more co-creation to uplift the brand values we cherish, creating a more vibrant community around smart. Our goal is to continue providing the best smart premium ownership experience, which includes exceptional aftersales service with readily available parts, an integrated public charging map, and a seamless digital ecosystem.”

smart All-Inclusive Premium Ownership and Launch Packages
smart Malaysia introduces All-Inclusive Premium Ownership and Launch Packages[1] aimed to deliver comprehensive and worry-free journey for customers. Key offerings include:

  • 8-Year 200,000km High-Voltage Battery Warranty
  • 8-Year 150,000km High-Voltage Component Warranty
  • 4-Year Unlimited Mileage Vehicle Warranty
  • 2-Year Unlimited Mileage Spare Parts Warranty
  • 24/7 Roadside Service Assistance
  • Complimentary smartCharge Home Charger[2] worth RM3,200 with 2-Year Warranty
  • Complimentary Accessories Package with 6-item worth RM2,500
  • Vehicle to Load (V2L) Adaptor worth RM800 with 2-Year Warranty
  • Complimentary 5-Year Internet Data of total 60GB

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