Shell Rimula R4X engine oil now comes in 18-litre pail
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Shell Rimula R4X engine oil now comes in 18-litre pail

Shell Rimula R4X

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has introduced a new 18-litre pail for its best-selling Shell Rimula R4X heavy duty engine oil.

With the introduction of the new 18-litre pail, Shell Rimula R4X 15W 40 (RRP: RM343.00) is now available in five different sizes to meet different needs of customers.  The other sizes are the 209-litre drum, 20-litre pail, 5-litre pail, and 1-litre pack.

Shell Rimula R4X 18-litre

Formulated with Shell’s innovative Dynamic Protection technology, the Shell Rimula R4X is a favourite among driver-owners of small and medium size trucks and heavy equipment operators as it provides TRIPLE PROTECTION  and thus giving the following benefits :

  1. Acid and corrosion control: Proven to provide up to 50% more better acid corrosion protection in engine and laboratory tests, also field trials under real-world truck driving conditions, which protects against corrosion by controlling the acids formed as the fuel burns.
  2. Wear control: Maintains strong protective oil films to keep critical engine components working, as proven in the Mack T-10 engine test, whereby Shell Rimula R4 X demonstrated up to 30% better wear protection of engine piston rings and cylinder liners than required to meet the API CI-4 specification.
  3. Deposit control: Up to 50% better engine cleanliness, resists high-temperature oxidation, keeping engines clean from deposits, resulting in less engine sludge in different parts of the engine as demonstrated in key engine tests for meeting US and European specifications.

According to Shell Lubricants General Manager for Malaysia and Singapore Nyon Kam Yew, the introduction of the 18-litre pail would help reduce wastage and make the popular Shell Rimula R4X even more affordable.

“This new smaller pail was very well received in Malaysia and when Shell introduced it in Vietnam and Thailand.  We believe customers in Malaysia will also appreciate the convenience of the new size. You can just pick it up and go from any authorised spare part shop or independent workshop,” he said.

Shell Rimula R4X

Despite the availability of more efficient and lower emission synthetic lubricants, mineral oils such as Shell Rimula R4X currently make up about 89% of the heavy-duty engine oil market in Malaysia[1]. Shell Malaysia aims to step up efforts to heighten awareness of the benefits of using synthetic oils among its customers.

“We continually work to address various misconceptions such as doubts on the ability of ‘thinner’ synthetic oils to offer critical engine protection and ‘higher’ price points among others.  Numerous trials with customers in the transport and logistics sectors have proven that Shell Rimula’s synthetic range can offer superior wear protection, remain in grade for far longer and, therefore, help extend oil drain intervals for lower total costs of ownership,” he said.

Nyon said that its entry-level synthetic technology heavy duty engine oil, Shell Rimula R4 Plus, would be a cost-effective next step up for fleet owners who plan to lower carbon emissions of their vehicles. 

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