Scania XT Tipper Excels in Singapore
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Scania XT Tipper Excels in Singapore

chuan lim scania xt

One of Scania’s top customers in Singapore, Chuan Lim Construction, just purchased 18 Scania P410 tippers last year. Fast forward a couple of months and the company’s 21st tipper has already began its duties.

As we can see in the picture above, the latest member of the fleet enters the construction site the driver prepares to navigate through uneven dirt roads and mud pools. As he steers, he is mindful that the rainfall the evening before has softened the earth further.

40 tippers and counting

This truck is one of Chuan Lim Construction’s 18 Scania P 410 tippers acquired over the past year.  They join the 40 Scania tipper trucks from earlier generations in the group’s combined fleet of about 200 trucks.

“We wanted a tipper truck that would be fuel-efficient and economical to operate,” explains Alan Lim Kui Teng, Managing Director of Chuan Lim Construction. “But we also look at how strong and durable the components are to work under the stress of very rugged conditions.”

Nevertheless, the Scania tipper truck proves its mettle by reversing confidently to its final position. The driver, wanting to do a final check, is able to climb safely onto a side inspection step to view the load. Once ready to continue, he re-enters the cab to tip the truck’s gravel load smoothly while continuing onto his next task.

chuan lim scania xt tipper

Lower operating cost

“The new Scania XTs have given us an extra-tough truck to handle the demands of the job. It also gives us better fuel economy, compared to other European brands of trucks, which contributes to lowering our operating cost and environmental impact.”

While reducing operating cost is a priority, Chuan Lim Construction is also concerned about increasing vehicle uptime. It is often more important to consider the quality of the services support when making a purchase decision.

After sales support

“We are not just buying trucks; we look at the whole service package of how the supplier and customer complement each other,” says Lim. “We also look at the pricing and availability of parts.”

To maximise operating economy on the new trucks, Chuan Lim Construction subscribes to Scania’s repair and maintenance package.

Scania further supports the company with fleet management solutions and the company has also prepared for its drivers to undertake driver training and coaching to improve their skills.

 “We like the new features available in the Scania trucks,” says Lim. “We do not want our drivers to suffer from fatigue, and our drivers have given us the feedback that they feel more comfortable and happier with the new cab designs and interiors.”

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