Scania Battery Electric Truck now on sale in Malaysia
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Scania Battery Electric Truck now on sale in Malaysia

Scania BEV

Scania today announced that it has started sales of the much-awaited battery electric truck for customers’ regional operations to meet their Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) goals at the first preview for customers at Scania Malaysia Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

Available both as a rigid truck and as a trailer tractor, Scania offers a brand new driveline, improved batteries, faster and more powerful charging capabilities, 350 km range at 40 tonnes load and 250 km range at 64 tonnes max gross tonnage weight (GTW).

Scania BEV

The new triple electric machine powertrain also provides ample electromechanical power take-off (PTO), ensuring smooth and reliable operation of temperature-controlled transports or power-hungry applications such as hook lifts.

“The future of transport has never been this complex, but Scania has made it easier to adopt battery electric solutions through a consultative sales process. I now understand that after identifying our sustainability targets, operations and pre-requisites; a turnkey solution is provided.”

“From charging to battery warranty, from financing to insurances, from repair and maintenance contract to driver training; the battery electric truck from Scania is optimised to suit my operations. I look forward to working more with Scania towards getting one,” said Che Ibrahim Che Ismail, Chairman, Mekar Angkut Sdn Bhd.

Scania BEV

The battery packs are now assembled in-house at Scania, to perfectly fit both the strengthened chassis and the new placement of the charging interface, on the right-hand side behind the driver door.

Closely connected is the completely reworked heating and cooling system, keeping powertrain and battery components at their perfect operating temperature, and allowing excellent fingertips control of the cabin climate through our digital platforms. The aerodynamics of the cab has also been further improved with wind deflector extensions to ensure every kWh provides the maximum distance and range. 

Scania BEV Truck

“Our customers’ environmental and social impacts can be measured and managed through their ESG program. Scania has a wide range of products and services to address our customers’ ESG objectives. One of them is Scania Ecolution way-of-working with our customers to reduce CO 2 emissions over the years. Through a total solutions approach, we have been able to provide the best safe & smart technology and services resulting in the best fuel efficiency.”

“All our vehicles are also FAME-prepared up to Biodiesel 100 to leverage on renewable fuel opportunities in this country. Now with battery-electric solutions, Scania continues to be a proud leader in driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system with our customers. Together with our customers, we hope to continue our sustainable partnerships and take charge towards achieving ESG goals,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

Scania BEV Electric Truck

For more information on how you can take charge of your business through electrification, please contact visit the nearest Scania Malaysia Sales & Services Centre.

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