Record Order for MAN: Up to 1,000 Buses for Deutsche Bahn
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Record Order for MAN: Up to 1,000 Buses for Deutsche Bahn


MAN Truck & Bus has won all three lots of the current tender from Deutsche Bahn. The order includes up to 1,000 city and intercity buses in four years.

The coming years will see a noticeable increase in the number of MAN buses with the striking red colour of DB regional buses. Between 2019 and 2022 up to 1,000 buses of the models Lion’s City and Lion’s Intercity may be put into operation by 31 German regional bus companies belonging to DB Regio AG. MAN’s bid impressed both in terms of vehicle tender as well as framework agreements for optional service contracts and spare parts supply.

“We believe the fact that Deutsche Bahn, which is an excellent reference customer, chose MAN’s bid in their current tender, is an extraordinary sign of faith in our bus products and associated services,” states Joachim Drees, Chairman of the Management Board at MAN Truck & Bus AG. “This decision is a testament to the efficiency, technology and driving comfort of our city and intercity buses.”

The contract includes all length variations of the low-floor city buses as both a solo bus and articulated bus from 12 to 18.75 m. With their wide, low-floor entrances and large special use areas with space for wheelchairs and pushchairs, city buses provide quick and comfortable access for all passengers. If required, there is also ramp access at door 2. The passenger area also has a high-contrast visual design to allow passengers with visual impairments to easily find their way around, and stop request buttons come with braille. These features make the new DB Regio buses an appealing public transport choice for all. Modern Euro 6 engines provide between 280 to 360 hp (206 – 265 kW) for a pleasant journey with low emissions.


In addition to Lion’s City city and intercity bus variants, the contract also includes the MAN Lion’s Intercity intercity high-floor bus in lengths of 12.2, 13 and 13.2 m. These also have modern D08 engines installed in the rear area with 250 or 290 hp (184 or 213 kW), which meet the latest emissions standard.

“The German MAN distribution company has never concluded a framework agreement of this size before. This is an absolute record and the fruit of the outstanding work of our employees from Bus Sales and the After Sales department,” concluded Holger Mandel, the Chairman of the Management Board at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland.

Deutsche Bahn and MAN Truck & Bus continue their strong, long-standing business relationship by signing this contract recently. Since 2015 there has been a master agreement in place regarding the supply of local short distance buses/coaches. MAN delivered approximately 700 of these vehicles to DB Regio Bus in the past three years. “We are very pleased that our cooperative and trusting collaboration will continue,” said Frank Krämer, Head of Bus Sales at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland, at the signing of the contract. In the past year MAN has delivered over 220 city and intercity buses to DB Regio Bus. “We are predicting a similar figure for the current year,” states Krämer.

Deutsche Bahn is the largest provider of bus transportation in Germany with approximately 633 million passengers in 2016. The bus division is part of the passenger transport department, which is within the business area of DB Regio. Over 35 bus companies and shareholdings provide transport across all of Germany. Deutsche Bahn thus ensures regional mobility across a range of modes of transport.

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