New Mahindra Furio 7 LCV Unveiled in India
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New Mahindra Furio 7 LCV Unveiled in India

Mahindra Furio 7

Mahindra’s Truck and Bus Division (MTB), a part of the Mahindra Group, recently announced the commercial launch of the new Mahindra Furio 7, its latest, modern range of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) in India.

While the Mahindra Furio 7 is highly unlikely to ever be sold in Malaysia, the commercial which the company made to commemorate the launch in India is something everyone needs to see, just to lighten up the mood and kill the Monday Blues.

“Inspired” by Volvo Trucks and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Epic Split commercial few years ago, Mahindra joined forces with Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan and did something somewhat similar to launch the Furio 7, although it wasn’t really a split.

Coming back to the Furio 7, Mahindra Truck and Bus has extended its existing Furio – an Intermediate Commercial Vehicle brand launched in 2019 – to an all-new Light Commercial Vehicle range, the Mahindra Furio 7.

This range will be available across three product platforms: 4-Tyre Cargo, 6-Tyre Cargo HD and 6-Tyre Tipper.

Mahindra Furio 7

According to Mahindra, the range will cover every application of business needs in Light Commercial Vehicle segments as well as businesses that need something slightly larger and LCVs.

It also boasts of the Most Advanced Telematics technology; Mahindra iMaxx.

Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper

The Mahindra Furio 7 Light Commercial Vehicle range is part of the Furio ILCV product range development, which is the culmination of focused efforts over the past six years of over 500 Mahindra engineers and 180 suppliers, and an investment of Rs.650 crore.

The introduction of the Furio range follows MTB’s launch of the Blazo X range of Heavy Commercial Vehicles with the hugely successful and popular ‘Mileage Guarantee’, which subsequently helped Blazo X establish itself as the most fuel-efficient truck in the HCV segment.

Speaking on the occasion, Veejay Nakra, Chief Executive Officer, Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, said, “The launch of the new Furio 7 range of LCV trucks with an unprecedented customer value proposition of ‘more mileage or return the truck and guaranteed resale value after five years’, is a landmark in the industry.”

“It will set new benchmarks of excellence and customer-centricity while reflecting our serious commitment to the segment and confidence in our products.”

Mahindra Furio 7 launch

According to Jalaj Gupta, Business Head, Commercial Vehicles, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, “Mahindra FURIO 7 range is designed around the unmet needs of LCV customers.”

“Our customer insights for the category revealed that they are looking for a truck that can deliver higher earnings, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), best warranty offer, lowest maintenance, safety and comfort – all these leading to a risk-free business and complete peace of mind, all in one truck.”

“The Mahindra Furio 7, with its unmatched package of customer value propositions and a very competitive initial price offer, is precisely that.”

“We are confident enough to guarantee higher mileage or give the truck back as well as guaranteed resale value after five years that makes it a defining moment for the industry. This will help us in our objective of making our customers more prosperous.”

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