New BFGoodrich Advantage Touring tyre comes in 67 sizes
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New BFGoodrich Advantage Touring tyre comes in 67 sizes

The BFGoodrich Advantage Touring tyre is now officially available in Malaysia.

Positioned as a simple tyre line to cover sedan, pick-up, minivan, and CUV/SUV fitments, the BFGoodrich Advantage Touring delivers greater than 85% market coverage in the 13- to 20-inch range, with a total of 67 dimensions – including 30 new ones.

Michelin Malaysia’s Managing Director, Oliver Biggart said, “The BFGoodrich Advantage Touring targets active-lifestyle drivers who want the best value for their money and demand confident control for urban adventure.”

This newly launched tyre stands out with its extensive size offerings, as well as improved performance and aesthetics. What’s more, it also comes with a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, offering users real value with premium quality.”

BFGoodrich Advantage Touring

Key features of the BFGoodrich Advantage Touring include:

  • Improved aesthetics and noise performance, thanks to a new, dynamic and simplified tread design, as well as an asymmetric, non-directional tread pattern with computer-optimized footprint to reduce interior cabin noise.
  • Engineered for confident handling and braking in all conditions, with an asymmetric tread design featuring rigid tread blocks and a shoulder that enable responsive handling and control, large tread blocks with deep grooves that deliver exceptional braking performance in both wet and dry road conditions, as well as a tyre sculpture inspired by BFGoodrich on-road racing.
  • Full depth features that provide driving confidence over the tyre life, thanks to an interlocking band technology that reduces friction and heat, and – therefore – fuel consumption; plus an optimized contact patch specifically designed for markets with severe heat conditions.
BFGoodrich Advantage Touring

Now available at BFGoodrich’s authorised dealers across the nation, the BFGoodrich Advantage Touring comes in a total of 67 tyre sizes (H-, T-, and V-speed rated) in the 13- to 20-inch range.

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