Michelin X Multi Z 2 Truck Tyres Now Available in Malaysia
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Michelin X Multi Z 2 Truck Tyres Now Available in Malaysia

Michelin X Multi Z 2

Michelin further invests in the regional truck tyre market with new size offerings for the Michelin X Multi Z 2– the latest addition to the brand’s best-selling range in the East Asia and Australia region.

The new all-position tyre fitment for Regional and Highway operations continues to offer market-leading longevity and improved performance – one year since its first introduction.

The three major breakthrough technologies introduced via the Michelin X Multi Z 2 tyres are:


Differently shaped grooves that ensure minimal tread deformation, which lowers rolling resistance and leads to less fuel consumption. With the ground-breaking 3D metal printing techniques, the longitudinal grooves regenerate as the tyre wears, to deliver a high level of grip and traction throughout its lifecycle in all weather conditions, and lower wear rate – thus, providing greater longevity by more than 20%, compared to its predecessor MICHELIN X MULTI Z1;


Reinforced tread plies with a continuously wound steel wire of up to 400 meters long, depending on tyre size, inside the casing. The high tensile steel wire increases tyre strength and thus optimizes the ground contact patch and delivers high mileage potential.

Michelin X Multi Z 2

This technology provides greater stability throughout the tyre’s lifetime, help reduce risk of sudden pressure loss for better vehicle control, extend mobility even when punctured, and improve uneven wear as it flattens the contact patch – thus, contributing to longer mileage and less unexpected breakdown incidences.

HT Nylon

strengthened bead endurance that helps not only reduce tyre damage linked to long-distance/high-speed usage and continuous usage cycle by 10%2, but also increase retreadability.

“I am convinced that the new Michelin X Multi Z 2 shall stir the truck tyre markets across the region with its exceptional high performance and value to fleet customers,” concluded Mr. Muhammad Arya.

The new Michelin X Multi Z 2 isnow available in two more new dimensions: 295/80R22.5 and 12R22.5 – along with the original 11R22.5, at all MICHELIN authorized truck tyre dealers across Malaysia. For more information, please visit www.michelin.com.my.

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