Michelin Launches New X Force ZL Off-Road Tyres


MICHELIN presents the new MICHELIN X FORCE ZL tire, a genuine off-road deep tread tire offering the highest load capacity on the market and specific shoulder protection for small civilian and military all-terrain trucks between 7 and 13 tonnes.

The new MICHELIN 335/80R20 X FORCE ZL has an increased load capacity of 3350kg per tire. This is an increase of 775kg over the previous generation (at least 100kg more than any competitor products) without compromising the speed rating of 110km/h and has been achieved with a new casing construction and reinforced crown area. The traditional MICHELIN high damage resistance capabilities have also been further enhanced with additional shoulder protection; a series of 1mm deep trapezoidal blocks in the shoulder/sidewall area giving added protection without compromising casing flexibility.

Both military and civilian users are continually challenged to optimise the available payload, as Euro 6 increases vehicle weight and military vehicles get heavier due to increased armour, whilst guaranteeing maximum mobility in challenging off-road conditions. The MICHELIN X FORCE ZL tire offers excellent performance in all situations and allows payloads to increase by 400kg+ per vehicle without compromising the speed capacity of up to 110 km/h.

In the extreme off-road conditions experienced by the military tactical vehicles, forestry, utility and fire services, guaranteed mobility is essential, and any immobilisation is costly. The new MICHELIN X FORCE ZL tire mitigates this with excellent run-flat capabilities and has exceeded the military protocol test (finabel Test A20A protocol) requirements, achieving more than 4 hours of continued mobility and a distance of more than 100kms.

The tire is commercially available in mid-February 2017.

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