MAS 2024: GWM Tank 300 receives 150 bookings
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MAS 2024: GWM Tank 300 receives 150 bookings

GWM Tank 300

Just a few days after announcing that it is open for booking, Great Wall Motor (GWM) Malaysia has made another announcement that it has already received 150 pre-launch bookings for the GWM TANK 300, signaling a promising start for this intelligent luxury off-road SUV in the Malaysian market.

The appeal of the GWM TANK 300 itself contributes to its success. As an off-road SUV, it meets the demands of Malaysian consumers who seek vehicles capable of traversing diverse terrains, from urban roads to tough landscapes. The rugged design, advanced features, and reliable performance of the GWM TANK 300 resonate with customers who prioritise adventure, durability, and versatility in their vehicles.

GWM Tank 300

In addition, the first 300 customers for GWM TANK 300 will a special package from GWM, it also shows the sincerity of GWM and confidence in product quality.

  • 5 Year / 100,000 km free service package, including parts and labour, whichever comes first.
  • The firsthand GWM TANK 300 owner will obtain a lifetime engine and transmission warranty with unlimited mileage.
  • What’s even more exciting is that GWM Malaysia has prepared mystery gifts for these 300 owners, which will be revealed during the official launch.

The GWM TANK 300’s muscular and powerful appearance instantly attracts off-road enthusiasts. However, inside this distinctive SUV is a cosy and soft cabin, with seats covered in luxurious NAPPA leather. Drivers can enliven their venturous spirit by settling into the 8-way adjustable driver seat and immersing themselves in the 9 INFINITY loudspeakers’ dynamic acoustics.

GWM Tank 300

On top of that, the GWM TANK 300 guarantees a tranquil driving experience with its Ultra Quiet NVH with Double-Layer Soundproof Acoustic Glass. Comfort is a luxury for many off-road vehicles that highly focused on vehicle performance.

The GWM TANK 300 is powered by 2.0L Turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine and a ZF 8-Speed Automatic Transmission (8AT), that delivers 220 PS and 380 Nm of torque. Aside from its smooth operation in urban settings, the GWM TANK 300 is also adept at tackling off-road conditions like hilly terrain or unpaved tracks.

Features such as the all-terrain control system with 9 driving modes, the crawl control mode, and tank turn allow drivers to manoeuvre across difficult territories. In addition, this SUV runs on a dual-speed electronically- controlled part-time four-wheel drive (4WD), which can alternate between two-wheel drive (2WD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) mode.

It has an ultra-high-strength vehicle body that weighs at 1500 MPa. It can drive on a ramp angle of 23.1° and a maximum gradability of 70%. This SUV has a maximum wading depth of 700 mm, and GWM TANK 300’s cross-country prowess has maintained its position as the No. 1 SUV brand in China for 39 consecutive months.

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