MAS 2024: All-New MINI Cooper, Countryman make Malaysian debut
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MAS 2024: All-New MINI Cooper, Countryman make Malaysian debut


MINI Malaysia has introduced three new iconic additions to its portfolio, the New All-Electric MINI Countryman SE ALL4, the New MINI John Cooper Works (JCW) Countryman ALL4 and the New MINI Cooper S – all three models premiering at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024.

Taller, more spacious, and yet unmistakably MINI, the New MINI Countryman distinguishes itself from its predecessors by offering increased room, superior comfort, ALL4 All-Wheel Drive capability, and advanced digital and safety features, making it a versatile and family-friendly vehicle.


With a combination of adventurous flair and dependability, it is the perfect companion for urban, rural and off-road adventures alike. Meanwhile, the New MINI Cooper S spotlights the essentials, combining compact external dimensions with maximum interior space. Refined minimalism with ergonomic details defines the cabin and accentuates the centrepiece – the first in automotive, all-digital circular MINI OLED Display.

The New MINI Countryman.

Characterised by the brand’s signature proportions and with short overhangs, a short bonnet, and a long wheelbase with large wheels, the new MINI Countryman has grown noticeably compared to its predecessor. Now it is even more spacious and comfortable with an additional six centimetres in height and thirteen centimetres in length. Further enhancing the crossover aesthetic appeal of this rugged MINI adventurer are wider wheel arches and a clear, modern design that compliments the New MINI Countryman’s striking appearance.

MINI Countryman

From the front, the new octagonal vehicle grille, featuring intricate detailing, is flanked by LED adaptive headlights with high-beam assistant, and reinforcing the New MINI Countryman’s distinctive character are its three light signatures, available in the front and rear LED lights. All light modes also start and end with a specially orchestrated welcome and goodbye animation, increasing the anticipation of the MINI even before you set off. Additionally, a compact radar sensor is seamlessly integrated to the grille’s surface, functionally bolstering its Driver Assistance Systems. As part of its refined design, the New MINI Countryman’s exterior features precisely defined surfaces, a characteristic wraparound black band, and a seamlessly integrated slightly curved roof that melds seamlessly into the C pillar.

MINI Countryman SE ALL4

Distinguishing the new model variants are their trims, the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 arrives exclusively with the Favoured Trim, which features roof and mirror caps in Piano black or Vibrant Silver, window slot cover and door cladding elements in high-gloss black and optical skid plate at the front and rear. Meanwhile, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 arrives exclusively with the JCW Trim, characterised by roof and mirror caps in red, a high-gloss black frame surrounding the front grille and logo along with red and black bonnet stripes, high-gloss shaft cover, door cladding elements, as well as the JCW Performance Brakes. While the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 is equipped with 20-inch Windmill Spoke wheels in 2-tone, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 is equipped with 20-inch JCW Flag Spoke wheels with sport tyres.

MINI Countryman

As for the interior, the New MINI Countryman fosters a feel-good atmosphere through the use of warm materials. In a notable first, the spacious, curved dashboard features textile surfaces alongside the door cladding, crafted using a two-tone recycled polyester fabric. With a generous dashboard design providing an expansive forward view, the New MINI Countryman also marks the first instance where an instrument cluster is deemed unnecessary. Driving-related information is instead conveniently displayed on the MINI head-up display located behind the steering wheel, while other functions can be easily accessed via the touch-sensitive centre icon or via voice control.

MINI Countryman SE ALL4

Another notable aspect is how the interior is segmented horizontally at the central display creating a distinctive upper and lower section, with design elements above the line adopt a vertical orientation. This approach visually accentuates the spaciousness of the interior. Indeed, the New MINI Countryman’s new proportions allow for extra width of nearly 3 cm in the shoulder and elbow areas, as well as a wide central armrest situated between the seats, which are upholstered in high quality Vescin vegan leather. The rear of the New MINI Countryman is even more luxurious, generously proportioned with additional of 2.5 cm in shoulder width, while being equipped with backrests that can be individually adjusted in 6 positions, tilting up to 12°. If set completely upright, it also allows for the accommodation of large items.

MINI Countryman

Other standard features of the New MINI Countryman are the interior and exterior mirror package, interior rear-view mirror with automatic anti-dazzle function, as well as electrically adjustable front seats with memory and massage functions for the driver seat, headliner anthracite and Harman Kardon 12-speaker surround sound systems. The rear seats are also adjustable exclusively for the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4.

MINI Countryman SE ALL4

As part of the Favoured Trim, the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4’s interior is furnished with knitted fabric with elegant houndstooth pattern in Dark Petrol, coloured accent fabric strip and JCW sport seats made of Vescin Beading in Vintage Brown or Dark Petrol. With the JCW Trim, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 features JCW-specific pattern in Red, Anthracite coloured accent fabric strip and JCW sports seats made of perforated Vescin in JCW Black with Red and Grey accents.

MINI Countryman SE ALL4

While the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 comes equipped with a sport steering wheel, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 comes equipped with a JCW steering wheel. In terms of luggage volume, the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 has a capacity of 460 litres, which can be expanded to 1,350 litres; while the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 accommodates 505 litres, expandable to 1,530 litres.

MINI Countryman

The new MINI Countryman combines electric mobility with a high level of environmental compatibility, from its production. This includes the dispensing of chrome decorative elements in the exterior and interior of the vehicle, the light alloy cast wheels manufactured with up to 70 per cent secondary aluminium, the current-excited synchronous motors produced without any rare earth materials and the knitted surfaces within the interior – dashboard, vehicle floor and floor mats, being made of recycled polyester.

The New MINI Countryman exemplifies the MINI driving experience, offering distinctive driving enjoyment with versatility for adventures beyond urban areas. Its slightly wider track width and increased wheelbase form the foundation for outstanding dynamic driving performance, while its basic chassis provides a distinctly athletic character. A high-quality, finely tuned damping system paired with ultra preloaded anti-roll bars deliver the trademark MINI go-kart sensation, enhancing steering precision and accuracy while ensuring excellent roll support.

MINI Countryman JCW

Further enhancing its outstanding dynamic driving performance and control is the integrated braking system allowing for reliable stabilisation, as well as the entirely mechanical adaptive chassis which adapts to the road conditions. The increase in tyre diameter by 30mm, totalling up to 710 mm, as well as the 20 mm increase in wheel width to 245 mm (for 20-inch rims) further emphasises the signature MINI go-kart feeling.

In terms of power, the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 delivers 313 hp and 494 Nm of torque, allowing for a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in just 5.6 seconds. Top speed is capped at 180 km/h. With a 66.5 kWh battery capacity, the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4 boasts an electric range of up to 432 km and can be charged using up to 22 kW AC charging or 130 kW DC fast-charging – the latter of which allows for 10 to 80 per cent charge within just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 is capable of a 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque, achieving century sprint in just 5.4 seconds, with top speed capped at 250 km/h. Befitting its sportier disposition, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 is also equipped with Steptronic Sport transmission with double clutch and adaptive suspension.

MINI Countryman JCW

The New MINI Countryman arrives with Driving Assistant and Parking Assistant Plus as standard. The former includes Lane Keep Assist, Manual Speed Limit Assist, Avoidance Assistance, Collision Warning, Junction Warning, Lane change Warning (Blind spot), Exit Warning, pedestrian and cyclist warning with city brake function including turning, Turn Warning in the case of oncoming traffic, Crossing-traffic Warning, and Road sign recognition. Meanwhile, Parking Assistant Plus comes with Park Assist, Reversing Assistant (up to 50m), Active Park Distance Control, Drive off monitoring, Parking view, Panaroma view, Rear Panaroma view, Remote 3D view, BMW Drive Recorder, and Anti-theft recorder (external).

To further elevate the user experience, additional driver assistance functions including Driving Assistant Plus and Parking Assistant Professional will also be available to the New MINI Countryman. The former includes Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go, Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Manual and Automatic Speed Limit Assistant, while Parking Assistant Professional adds Remote Parking Function, Manoeuvring Assistant and Reversing Assistant (up to 200m).

The New MINI Cooper S.

MINI Cooper S

The modern exterior of the New MINI Cooper S emphasises classic Mini features, as such as its compact proportions, round headlights and distinctive grille. An updated front design is characterised by flush, clearly defined surfaces and signature clamshell bonnet that blend seamlessly with the classic-looking octagonal grille, which presents an unmistakable design statement at the front.

Flanking the grille, the adaptive LED headlights are functionally equipped with high-beam assistant. Emphasising the distinctive character of the New MINI Cooper S are three adjustable light signatures on the daytime running light elements and triangular taillights, as well as a specially orchestrated welcome and goodbye animation to start and end all light modes.

From the side view, the 18-inch Slide Spoke 2-tone light alloy wheels complements the profile of the New MINI Cooper S, while MINI logo projections on both driver and passenger side are part of the welcome light show. From the rear, the New MINI Cooper S is recognisable by its triangular LED rear lights and a horizontal black handle dividing the rear section. Adding another point for individuality are the contracting roof and mirror caps, in white.

MINI Cooper S

The interior of the New MINI Cooper S is equally inspired by the classic MINI – its elegant, minimalist interior modernised and enhanced by a new steering wheel, a first in automotive, round OLED Display, the signature MINI toggle bar and two-tone textile dashboard. With the Classic trim as standard, the spacious cockpit of the New MINI Cooper S is characterised by black-blue surfaces made of two-tone knitted material – a first in a series production vehicle for MINI. Meanwhile, the black knit of the dashboard and doors creates an intriguing contrast with the high-quality seats in vegan leather, known as Vescin.

Interior highlights of the New MINI Cooper S include the black strip in synthetic leather with coloured dashboard stitching, three-spoke sport steering wheel in Vescin and sport seats in perforated Vescin in Grey/Black with Blue textile insert.

Other interior features are interior and exterior mirror package, interior rear-view mirror with automatic anti-dazzle function, Harman Kardon surround sound system, MINI Head-Up display, Comfort Package Plus and the comfort access system. As for luggage capacity, the New MINI Cooper S accommodates a space of 210 litres, which can be further expanded to 725 litres.

MINI Cooper S

The chassis of the New MINI Cooper S is built upon the success of its predecessor, featuring a sophisticated design that makes for exceptional driving dynamics. Spirited handling was the design goal of its suspension and damping system, with high preloaded stabilisers included to generate the familiar MINI go-kart feeling and optimised body responses around fast corners.

Complementing that is the greater steering precision, thanks to the Servotronic steering, enabling high cornering speeds an authentic feel with every steer. An exceptional driving experience awaits in any situation, as the steering and driving stability control systems can be precisely set up for comfort or sporty driving, while a flick of the “Experiences” toggle switch activates the various MINI Experience Modes.

Thanks to the latest MINI TwinPower Turbo technology, the New MINI Cooper S efficiently delivers up to 204 hp and 300 Nm of torque, allowing for a 0 – 100 km/h sprint in 6.6 seconds, up to a top speed of 242 km/h. The power is transmitted from its 2.0-litre engine via a 7-speed double-clutch automatic Steptronic transmission, which excels at particularly dynamic yet smooth gear changes. Open clutches when the vehicle is stationary combined with optimised setting-off behaviour further improves the gear changing experience and driving comfort.

MINI Cooper S

The New MINI Cooper S visualises the functions of all driver assistance systems in real time via the MINI Interaction Unit, showing which function is currently active, resulting in maximum safety and comfort. Equipped as standard for the New MINI Cooper S are the Driving Assistant and Parking Assistant Plus, with the former including Lane Change Warning with warning when turning and active lane return, Lane Departure Warning with active steering intervention, Speed Limit Info, Manual Speed Limit Assist, Cruise Control with braking function, Front Collision Warning with brake intervention, Evasion Assistant, Rear Crossing Traffic Warning with brake intervention, Rear-end Collision Prevention, and Exit Warning.

On the other hand, Parking Assistant Plus comes with Park Assist, which parks and exits the vehicle in parallel and perpendicular parking spaces, Active Park Distance Control, Reversing Assist Camera with panoramic rear view, Reversing Assistant, Parking View, Remote 3D View, Drive Recorder and Anti-Theft Recorder.

Besides that, the additional driver assistance feature – the Driving Assistant Plus will also be available to the New MINI Cooper S, offering Active cruise control with Stop&Go, Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Manual and Automatic Speed Limit Assistant.

MINI Cooper S

The New MINI Countryman SE ALL4, the New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 and the New MINI Cooper S offer a new immersive, digitalised experience through the revolutionary MINI Interaction Unit. Encased within a sleek glass frame and equipped with the new MINI Operating System 9, the touch-sensitive high-resolution automotive grade OLED display measuring 240mm serves as a central icon, defining the premium interior aesthetic of MINI’s latest additions.

A closer position to the front seats makes it particularly easier to reach, while a circular design facilitates the presentation of both static and dynamic elements, with micro-animations enhancing its intuitiveness. Displayed content is presented in a modern and user-friendly format, with vehicle-related information, such as speed and battery level, shown prominently in the upper section, while the fixed status bar and options such as “Navigation”, “Media”, “Phone” and so on can be directly accessed from the bottom section. Interactions within the display resemble that of a smartphone, with functions organized horizontally as widgets.

Moreover, enhancing the user experience is the comprehensive MINI Connected Package providing access to a constantly evolving variety of practical and entertaining apps through a third-party app store. This enables operations to be executed natively without the need of smartphone connection. These apps include gaming and music/video streaming, in addition to enhanced map features like 3D visualization, augmented-reality navigation and charging optimised route, which can be quickly generated upon entering the destination.

MINI Cooper S

Further personalisation is possible with eight MINI Experience Modes to choose from. Two projector units are located behind the MINI Central Display, projecting illuminated graphics onto the dashboard. These projected light patterns, combined with ambient illumination and newly developed MINI Driving Sounds alter the perception of the entire interior creating an immersive user experience. Each mode offers dynamically designed backgrounds, which can be selected according to personal preferences.

Meanwhile, the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant presents MINI’s first fully fledged voice assistant, enabling voice-controlled navigation, telephony entertainment and numerous other vehicle functions. Activated with a “Hey MINI” or the push-to talk button on the steering wheel, the voice-controlled interaction is supported on the MINI Interaction Unit by an animation made up of graphic elements, typography, and an avatar named “Spike”. Improved voice recognition and transmission of spoken information without delay and visualisation on the display facilitates smoother communication. 

These functions are complemented by the MINI App which features many new functions including Remote 3D View, generated via vehicle cameras taking pictures of the parked MINI’s surroundings, Remote Engine Start that starts the MINI’s engine automatically and brings the car to the desired temperature before boarding, MyTrips which provides information on the driver’s most recent journeys and driving style, and other new functions relating to e-mobility, such as start/stop charging and setting a desired charge level.

Through the MINI App, the MINI Digital Key Plus is also available, transforming a smartphone into a vehicle key. As soon as the driver is less than three metres away, the welcome projection of the front headlights and taillights begins and when the driver is less than one and a half metres away, the doors open. This convenient and personalised vehicle experience can be transferred digitally to different users, replacing the need to hand over the conventional vehicle key to facilitate car sharing.

The New MINI Countryman SE comes in fresh and boldly expressive exterior colour options that capture the essence of adventure, including Smokey Green, Legend Grey, Nanuq White, Melting Silver, Blazing Blue and Chilli Red, with interior colour options being Vintage Brown or Dark Petrol. Meanwhile, the New MINI JCW Countryman comes in the sporty colours of Legend Grey, Nanuq White, Melting Silver and Midnight Black, with the interior colour of solely JCW Black upholstery. Finally, the New MINI Cooper S comes in exterior colours Ocean Wave Green, Legend Grey, Nanuq White and Chili Red, and interior colour in a combined Black and Grey, with blue textile inserts.`

Estimated retail pricing of the New MINI Countryman SE ALL4, New MINI JCW Countryman ALL4 and New MINI Cooper S with SST (on the road, without insurance) is:

The New MINI Countryman SE ALL4RM 260,000.00
The NewMINI JCW Countryman ALL4RM 399,000.00
The New MINI Cooper SRM 280,000.00

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