Lexus and JAOS Unveil Custom LX600 Offroad Edition
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Lexus and JAOS Unveil Custom LX600 Offroad Edition

Lexus LX600 Offroad

JAOS Corporation and Lexus recently collaborated to feature a new customized LX “Offroad” model at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 which took place last week.  

Designed in an effort to offer a diverse range of products to meet the diversifying needs and lifestyles of its customers, the new LX, which went on sale last week in Japan, offers a higher level of refinement, while maintaining its time-tested reliability, durability and off-road driving performance in order to provide its guests with a rewarding lifestyle experience whether it is in the urban city or deep off the beaten track.

JAOS Lexus LX600 Offroad

Ever since its establishment in 1985, JAOS has been developing and offering 4WD & SUV parts to invite as many guests as possible to “Experience a New Adventure.” in line with their corporate motto.

According to Lexus and JAOS, this collaboration is the result of the desire of both companies to provide customers with an all-new experience.

JAOS Lexus LX600 Offroad

The LX 600 Offroad JAOS which is based on the LX 600 Offroad model which combines the exclusive Offroad version’s exterior design that projects powerful off-road performance, with JAOS’s distinctive rugged customization and is sure to inspire a sense of adventure for its driver and passengers.

The exterior uses lightweight, high rigidity infusion-molded CFRP parts for the front and rear bumper skid protectors, as well as for the over fenders.

Lexus JAOS LX600 Offroad

The car also features specially developed 20-inch Enkei made wheels forged by JAOS through their participation in global rally raids.

Last but not least, competition level lightness and strength highlights the LX 600 Offroad’s high level of performance.

The folks at Lexus said that this collaboration also offered their guests an opportunity to enjoy vehicle customization and experience a new realm of automotive lifestyle.

That being said, the additional goodies that both companies added to the LX 600 Offroad to turn it into this monster you’re looking at here include:

  • Front Skid Protector (CFRP)
  • Rear Skid Protector (CFRP)
  • Over Fender type-R (CFRP)
  • Wheels (JAOS TRIBE CROSS 20×9.0J Titanium Gold)
  • Tires (TOYO TIRES OPEN COUNTRY A/TIII 285/55R20 Not for sale in Japan)
  • Mud Guard III (Sample only)
  • Door Handle Protector
  • Tail-Cutter (Sample only)

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