Latest Painting Technology for MAN Plant in Munich
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Latest Painting Technology for MAN Plant in Munich


MAN announced yesterday that its new paint shop for truck cabs in Munich has started using the Durr EcoDry X painting technology, which is a semi-automatic system based on cardboard filter technology.

The system, which is being used for the first time ever, includes complete system configuration, conveyor technology, pre-cleaning, sealing, and painting stations as well as the associated application technology complete with paint and PVC delivery.

“With this concept, we are supplying a highly efficient system where the customers benefit from our consistent components,” says Dürr Global Customer Director for Trucks, Andrea Klein, explaining the reasons behind the company’s selection as the system supplier.

While two robots of the type EcoRS 210 remove the dust and dirt particles from the bodies using blade brushes prior to painting, four EcoRS 30 robots are used in the PVC line. They apply roof and underbody seams and seal welded seams inside the body.


This prevents water and moisture getting into the cab. The robots are equipped with the flexible applicator EcoGun 3D, which can apply the material at three different application angles of 0, 45, and 90 degrees.

Even though state-of-the-art application technology means that the amount of overspray is constantly being reduced, an efficient separation system for the overspray is extremely important. That is why the EcoDry X, the semi-automatic variant of the dry separation system and the newest addition to the Dürr separator family, is being used at MAN – for the first time in Germany.

EcoDry X is a multi-stage filter system comprising filter trolley and final filter stage. The disposable filter boxes made of cardboard can be easily replaced thanks to the filter trolley – even during production. An additional feature being used here is the filter replacement concept based on RFID and a database for optimum utilization of the filter boxes. Like the tried-and-tested EcoDryScrubber, the EcoDry X does not use any water or chemicals either.

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