KEMB wins big at Scania ‘A Good Driver’ competition
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KEMB wins big at Scania ‘A Good Driver’ competition

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Three top Konsortium E-Mutiara Berhad (KEMB) drivers have won the first, second and third place in the recent Scania ‘A Good Driver’ Competition!

The winners drove coaches that are subscribed to Scania Ecolution agreement and achieved the best fuel economy and CO2 emission reductions. While Razali Mat was crowned the champion, the first runner-up was Mohd Ruhaimie Mohd Noor, and the second runner-up was Mohd Zaki Said. They received their well-deserved recognitions and prizes at the KEMB’s headquarters in Kota Bharu.

The total KEMB fleet of 69 units carries 2 brands of coaches – The E-Mutiara Premier brand and the Musafir Economy brand, catering to different set of target passengers. A further 18 units will be delivered accordingly.

Scania KEMB

After more than 20 years of sustainable partnership, the strong bond that was created between KEMB and Scania, led to KEMB becoming the first to sign the Scania Ecolution agreement in Asia when it was introduced in 2018. This move was another milestone as KEMB has already signed-up for the Repair & Maintenance (R&M) and the Fleet management System Control 10 (FMS) for its fleet. This move gave the opportunity to KEMB to reduce CO2 emissions while lowering fuel consumption for its fleet.

As part of KEMB’s sustainability development, it adopted Scania’s business philosophy of sustainability and recorded successes year after year. To attest to KEMB’s commitment to the Scania Ecolution agreement, it has managed to significantly lower fuel consumption of its fleet and reduced CO2 emissions by 2,358,338 kg, that is equivalent to the planting of approximately 35,375 trees from day one up till present day of the Scania Ecolution partnership.

“Getting the drivers to improve their driving behaviour was key to getting them on the right path towards the win. KEMB tracked their movements and ways of driving via the Scania Fleet Management System Control 10 and used the data to clearly show them the areas that can be improved upon. And with the Scania training and coaching services they were advised to reduce idling, speeding and harsh braking and increase coasting when they are at the wheel. Realising that they are consistently saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions on their run motivated them to go for the win by changing their set ways of driving.” said Che Ibrahim Che Ismail, Executive Chairman of KEMB.

Over 478 Scania vehicles from over 42 customers in Malaysia are part of Scania Ecolution. These good companies and good drivers are also part of the global effort to achieve the Science Based Targets together with Scania.

Scania KEMB

Scania is committed towards minimising emissions from its products and its own operations. These include cutting CO2 emissions by 20 percent from its land transport per transported tonne by 2025 (using 2015 as a baseline), and 50 percent from its own operation. As an Ecolution partner with Scania, the good company and the driving is part of the journey towards achieving the reduction of CO2 emissions in line with Scania’s Science Based Target of the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) drawn at the Paris Agreement in 2015.

‘A Good Driver’ (AGD) is a truck or coach and bus driver from ’A Good Company’. The drivers automatically qualify as long as they are part of the Scania Ecolution partnerships and drive the specific vehicles under the programme. The vehicles they drive are marked with a Scania Ecolution sticker plus a t-shirt with AGD Qualifier Badge.

To win, a good driver’s driving must result in the best percentage of km/l improvement throughout the duration. This can be tracked using Scania Fleet Management System. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will then be crowned with a certificate and a host of attractive Scania premium prizes. The best that drives consistently in a safe, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly way will get the Champion Jacket with AGD Champion Badge. Corresponding companies to the winners get service vouchers worth MYR5,000/3,000/1,000 respectively.

“Congratulations to KEMB as ‘A Good Company’ for being the best winner in this competition. Its unwavering commitment in the Scania Ecolution partnership will not only produce top-class drivers that saves fuel but also reduce CO2 emissions for the environment and future generation,” stated Thor Brenden, Service Sales and Operations Director, Scania Southeast Asia.

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