Jaecoo J7 to make ASEAN debut in Malaysia
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Jaecoo J7 to make ASEAN debut in Malaysia

Jaecoo J7

As an emerging off-road brand, JAECOO has been firmly rooted in the global landscape since its inception, engaging in a comprehensive value chain deployment.

Within a mere nine months, JAECOO has garnered countless fans in over a dozen countries and regions worldwide, continuously expanding its influence. Adhering to the brand philosophy of “From Classic, Beyond Classic,” JAECOO’s debut urban premium off-road SUV, the J7, is set to accelerate its global launch this year.

The recent major launch event took place in Mexico on February 20th. This highly anticipated launch event was attended by key industries representatives, media publishers, and dealers’ investors, and it received widespread recognition and praise from various parties.

Jaecoo J7

With the successful introduction of the J7, JAECOO is set to further extend its presence across the global right-hand drive market. Notably, Malaysia will become the first country in Southeast Asia to launch the JAECOO J7 in the first half of 2024.

On January 3rd, JAECOO hosted an exclusive preview event for the J7 in Malaysia. This event attracted potential dealer investors and industry media publishers, who
collectively witnessed the maiden appearance of this premium off-road SUV, a fusion of off-road performance and smart technology, in Malaysia. The vehicle’s exceptional design and product offerings garnered widespread acclaim from guests at the event.

To thoroughly assess the J7’s off-road capabilities and real-world performance, JAECOO conducted a comprehensive off-roading testing at the Malaysia’s renowned
“M4TREC” off-road track right after the exclusive preview event.

The J7 successfully passed numerous extreme off-road tests, including roller ramp, articulation test, ridge crossings and more. With the advanced features of ARDIS (All Road Drive Intelligent System) equipped in the JAECOO J7, it provides the vehicle with exceptional passability and adaptability, enabling it to effortlessly tackle various terrains and unforeseen situations.

Jaecoo 7

ARDIS Completely Transforming the Off-Roading Experience In the world of off-roading, performance is the essence of a product’s success. The J7, equipped with the ARDIS, completely redefines the off-road experience. It offers the most diverse driving modes in its class, including sand, snowfield, mud, and other seven off-road conditions, addressing most of the challenging driving conditions with scenario-based technological logic.

Furthermore, benefiting from the BOSCH Intelligent Power Brake (IPB) control system, ARDIS can achieve the fastest response time of less than 0.1 seconds in its class. It emulates the locking capability of a differential lock, providing advantages including high integration performance and rapid braking, with coupled of a maximum rear axle wheel-end torque of 3000N·m, the J7’s extrication ability in the off-road situation and driving comfort are significantly enhanced.

Jaecoo J7

The ARDIS’s processing speed is a testament to its leading performance in all aspects. The J7 comes with a 1.6TGDI excellent power engine and a 7DCT wet dual clutch transmission, unleashing a maximum power output of 145kW and a peak torque of 290 Nm. Accelerating from 0 to 30 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, the J7 rivals luxury brands’ 2.0T engines, ensuring a “step ahead” whether in rapid overtaking or off-road extrication.

With an in-depth understanding of the global market, Malaysia will become a crucial cornerstone for JAECOO in implementing its global strategy. In the future, JAECOO will be committed to delivering unique lifestyle-oriented driving experiences to users globally, bringing smarter and more exceptional off-roading products to the global market.

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