Isuzu reveals all-new N-Series and F-Series trucks
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Isuzu reveals all-new N-Series and F-Series trucks

Isuzu ELF 2023

Isuzu Motors Limited has officially taken the wraps off the full-model changes of the N-Series (light-duty trucks) and F-Series (medium-duty trucks).

The fully-model changed N-Series have evolved mainly in six aspects: design, hospitality, economy, safety, connectivity and lineup. Moreover, N-series EV (hereafter BEV), which is the company’s first mass-produced Battery Electric Vehicle, will accelerate the implementation of commercial BEVs across society.

The interior and exterior are fully renewed under the concept of “Pleasure to carry”. It is said that Isuzu sought to create a design that fuses innovation and toughness as well as functionality and flamboyance at high levels in order to deliver the joy of driving to transport drivers.

For driver comfort and fatigue mitigation, the standard cabin has greatly expanded space over the driver’s head, front and sides. Consequently, it allows for the most spacious cabin in the segment of light-duty delivery cab-over trucks.

In addition, the larger door opening and adoption of a semi-grip-type door handle that can be accessed from both the upper and lower sides improve the ease of access and usability.

Isuzu ELF 2023

Aiming for a driver’s seat that is easy for everyone to drive, Isuzu thoroughly updated all the functions that the driver comes in contact while driving, such as the steering now with a reduced diameter, the seat material, surface skin sewing and slide rail pitch that are optimized and the pedal position enhanced in pursuit of the optimum driving position.

Armrests and seat heaters are integrated to help improve the working environment for drivers so that they can drive comfortably even when the vehicles are used in various ways, such as for long-haul highways or during winter seasons.

The meter panel features a 7-inch meter display that informs the operating status of safety support functions and vehicle conditions, minimizing drivers’ eye movement and meter operation while driving. Furthermore, the steering switch is introduced and the switch layout is revised for ease of operations.

In addition, a wide array of items required for light-duty trucks, such as providing more storage space, are featured to truly make the day-to-day work of drivers easier.

The 9-speed dual-clutch (DCT) transmission named Isuzu Smooth Intelligent TransMission (ISIM) is a newly-developed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) that can be operated by AT driver’s license holders, offering improved fuel economy in tandem with the efficient 4JZ1 engine.

The ISIM’s 9-speed gearbox is capable of keeping RPMs low for fuel efficiency and alleviating driving fatigue by reducing noise, making fuel-efficient driving easier for everyone.

Isuzu ELF 2023 interior

In addition, the dual clutch structure enables quick shift changes to reduce torque loss and shift shock during gear shifts, thereby creating a drive feel that totally replaces the image of truck driving.

Advanced safety systems and drive assist features have been integrated toward achieving the goal of reducing traffic fatalities to zero.

In addition to the improved stereo camera performance, a short-range millimeter-wave radar and driver status monitor have been added, as well as the following nine new safety assist features. Also, the improved visibility, optimized driving position, undercarriage improvements, and the newly-developed ISIM further increase drivability for every driver.

1)Pre-collision Braking System
2)Full Speed Range Adaptive Cruise Control
3)Lane Keep Assist
4)Driver Status Monitor
5)Emergency Driving Stop System & Driver Emergency Assist System
6)Adaptive Driving Beam
7)Traffic Sign Recognition Assist
8)Intelligent Speed Limiter
9) Front Blind Spot Monitor

There are four safety assist feature packages on offer to meet the different needs and operational conditions of customers: BASIC, which primarily has the essential mandated features; STANDARD, which is equipped with effective features for urban transport; ADVANCE, which is equipped with effective and convenient features for driving on limited highways; and PREMIUM, which has steering control features.

In addition, an automatic electric parking brake is installed as a standard feature to improve safety of transport trucks and help prevent accidents associated with omitted or insufficient application of the parking brake.

Isuzu ELF 2023

In preparation for any tire trouble on the road, an optional tire pressure monitoring system is offered for tire pressure and temperature monitoring.
Safety features for crew members and pedestrians will reduce damage in the event of an accident.

The new model lineup now includes BEV models named ELF EV to fulfill the diverse needs of customers around the world toward a carbon neutral society. I-MACS, an ISUZU product development platform, allows ISUZU to offer models with various power source options so that customers can have their freedom of choice.

The BEV model portfolio ranges from standard cab models of less than 3.5 tons in GVW to wide-cab models of up to 7.5 tons in GVW. Furthermore, we share as many operational components and layouts as possible with diesel models to provide compatibility with the rear bodies of diesel trucks so as to allow customers to smoothly start using BEVs without sacrificing convenience.

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