Iconic Trucks: A Must-Have Coffee Table Book in Every Trucker’s Office
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Iconic Trucks: A Must-Have Coffee Table Book in Every Trucker’s Office

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Asian Trucker Media recently released its first ever coffee table book titled “Iconic Trucks”, which showcases a unique collection of trucks that are iconic in the Malaysian commercial vehicles industry.

Featuring more than 40 iconic trucks in four different categories namely historical trucks, modern vehicles, purpose built trucks, and future icons, every truck that is featured in the Iconic Trucks coffee table book has its own story to tell that is unlike any other truck in the scene.

Regardless of whether you’re into modern trucks, vintage trucks, customised Prime Movers, or even the Lori Hantu for that matter, there is something for everyone in this unique book.

Asian Trucker Iconic Trucks

Inspired by the work around trucks and the “Truck Feature” segment in Asian Trucker magazine, it took Stefan Pertz, the man behind the title about a whole year to put the Iconic Trucks coffee-table book together after meticulously picking the models that deserved a spot in “Iconic Trucks.”

The 388-page large format coffee table book, which is a must have for any enthusiast and every commercial vehicle owner out there, comprises a total of 230 high quality photos which are all worthy of being framed on the wall by themselves.

Among the trucks featured in the Iconic Trucks coffee table book is none other than the RM1.4 million custom Mack Super Liner which belongs to the Sultan of Johor, His Royal Highness Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar.

Asian Trucker Iconic Trucks

Dubbed as the world’s most expensive Mack truck, the one-off Super Liner went viral when it was first seen in Johor a few years ago. Now, it has found its well-deserved spot in the Asian Trucker “Iconic Trucks” coffee table book, and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to know what else is hiding in this unique coffee table book, get your hands on your own copy of “Iconic Trucks” as soon as possible at www.iconictrucks.asia right now as you will get a limited “First Edition” version of the book.

In case you’re wondering, the Asian Trucker Iconic Trucks coffee table book is priced at RM280.00 excluding SST and postage fees.

Asian Trucker Iconic Trucks

However, you are entitled to a RM30.00 discount for every copy if you purchase it using the “BIGWHEELS” Promo code.

Be among the first to receive it by placing your order now, and remember to put the aforementioned promo code in the “address” section of the order form in order to purchase the Iconic Trucks coffee table book for RM250.00 plus SST and postage.

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