Honda Introduces New SP Grade Engine Oil for Customers
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Honda Introduces New SP Grade Engine Oil for Customers

Honda SP Grade Engine Oil

Honda Malaysia, in an effort to provide improved engine protection and performance to its customers, introduced the new SP Grade engine oil to its line-up.

The SP Grade engine oil will replace the existing SN Grade range except for the SN 0W-30 Fully-Synthetic which will still be available for cars with high performance engines such as the Civic Type R.

According to Honda Malaysia, the API Classification Standard for Passenger Car Engine Oil (SP Grade) provides stable performance and better fuel economy while prolonging engine lifespan.

Suitable to be used by most petrol and turbocharged engines, the SP Grade engine oil is approved and recommended by Honda Research & Development (R&D).

The new engine oil range is formulated to fulfil all requirements of the Honda engine and meet the latest standards issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

It also enhances protection against low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), an abnormal combustion phenomenon that can cause significant damage to the engine.

The company introduced the newest SP Grade engine oil that can meet the needs of today’s vehicle engines, and enable Honda engines to provide stable performance and better fuel economy while prolonging its lifespan.

The SP Grade engine oil also comes with a timing chain wear protection to minimise timing chain elongation. 

In addition to improved high temperature deposit protection for pistons and turbochargers, it provides better sludge and varnish control, valve train and intake lifter wear protection, higher oxidation stability as well as emission control system protection.

To top it off, using lower-viscosity oils such as SP 0W-20 Fully-Synthetic allows the engine to maximise efficiency while delivering high-level protection for key engine components.

The company also said that it strives to provide excellent after-sales service satisfaction and the joy of ownership for Honda car owners. Therefore, the introduction of the SP Grade engine oil enables customers to enjoy driving with maximised engine efficiency.

Existing line-up

  • Mineral – SN 10W-30
  • Semi-Synthetic -SN 5W-30
  • Fully-Synthetic – SN 0W-20

New Line-up

  • Mineral – SP 10W-30
  • Semi-Synthetic – SP 5W-30
  • Fully-Synthetic – SP 0W-20 / SN 0W-30

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