Hino delivers two electric buses to MARA
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Hino delivers two electric buses to MARA


Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) today received the first two electric buses in the world produced by Hino Motors. These buses will undergo trial on selected routes in Pulau Langkawi for a period of 2 years, supporting Malaysia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in transportation.

MARA Chairman, Dato’ Dr. Asyraf Wajdi bin Dato’ Dusuki, stated that this pioneering project not only promotes sustainable transportation but also reduces carbon emissions on the island.

This initiative is a continuation and commitment of both parties after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) last March.

The Poncho ZEV is scheduled to start operating in September this year to test its suitability for Malaysia’s weather and road conditions. The bus, which can accommodate 11 seats and up to 32 passengers, is user-friendly due to its small and low size, making it easy for passengers to board and exit.

Equipped with safety features and zero-emission features, the bus will significantly reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.


On the same day, MARA also organized the MARA Brew’ 23 Program to introduce and promote coffee entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry, one of the main industries developed by the agency.

Dr. Asyraf stated that this program will serve as a platform to attract more Bumiputera entrepreneurs, especially the youth, to venture into this popular business.

He added that this aspiration aligns with the trend and demand of many urban dwellers today who consider this beverage part of their lifestyle. We need to seize this trend as an opportunity that can have an impact on the country’s economy, including creating job opportunities for the local community.

A total of 10 coffee vendors participated in the program, which will be held for 4 days from today until June 25. Visitors can participate in various activities such as Coffee Workshops, Coffee Discussions, Latte Art Throw Down competitions, and various other activities.

This program also witnessed the exchange of MoUs between Callabio Manufacturing Berhad and 4 companies from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The MoUs are aimed at controlling the quality, price, promotion, and marketing of coffee products, as well as the distribution areas for these products.

Callabio Manufacturing Berhad is an entrepreneur under MARA’s Gate to Global.

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