GWM Leverages on Forest Ecosystem to Accelerate New Energy Advancements
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GWM Leverages on Forest Ecosystem to Accelerate New Energy Advancements


During Auto Shanghai 2023, GWM R&D Centre in Baoding, China welcomed over 300 journalists and distributor representatives from more than 60 countries and regions.

Visitors were eager to learn about GWM’s Forest Ecosystem and innovative new energy vehicles. The visiting group toured the hydrogen energy R&D centre, wind tunnel and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) laboratories, and other facilities.


GWM’s advanced technology, vehicle testing, and design style caught the attention of journalists, who engaged in lively discussions with GWM’s technical team.

Distributor representatives expressed their anticipation for GWM’s future layout in their respective countries. A European representative commented, “Here I experienced GWM’s unremitting commitment to technology and quality, and the numerous advanced new energy technologies were also impressive. We hope to increase the order volume of GWM’s NEVs in the future.”

GWM’s technical head explained the R&D Centre’s layout and the entire development process of vehicles, emphasising GWM’s adherence to the R&D concept of taking “precise input in pursuit of industry leadership” in forward-looking technology.


GWM’s R&D Centre covers an area of 250,000 m2, with a total investment of CNY 5 billion. Its complete R&D system and product development process, with facilities for product R&D, styling, engineering design, product trial production and testing, and other engineering areas, strongly support product verification and technology R&D.

In the NEV field, GWM possessed 1,966 patent disclosures and 1,650 patent authorisations, with a year-on-year increase of 51.11% and 80.53% respectively. Last year, GWM’s R&D investment increased to CNY 12.181 billion, up 34.34% year-on-year. 

At Auto Shanghai 2023, GWM’s first Hi4 (Hybrid Intelligent 4WD) model also made its worldwide debut.


GWM’s success is a result of its Forest Ecosystem layout, which integrates new energy, intelligence, and other related technology industries to create an ecosystem with multi-species interaction and continuous evolution. GWM’s full-value chain layout of “solar energy–battery–hydrogen energy–vehicle power” in NEVs, and technical reserves such as intelligent driving, intelligent services, and intelligent cockpits have strengthened its core competitiveness in the era of intelligent NEVs.

That being said, GWM announced that it will continue to innovate and provide driving forces for its new energy and intelligent strategic transformation. Empowered by Forest Ecosystem, GWM will offer consumers an experience combining extraordinary power, lower carbon, and environmental friendliness.

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