GoCar Announces Subscription Fee for X50, City, Almera, Xpander
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GoCar Announces Subscription Fee for X50, City, Almera, Xpander

GoCarSubs Almera Xpander City

On-demand car-sharing platform GoCar today launched the addition of four brand-new in-demand models to its subscription programme, GoCar Subs.

The expansion of GoCar Subs’ garage is in line with the company’s commitment to offer a practical and more affordable alternative to conventional hire-purchase loans.


Highly popular amongst Malaysian consumers, the four new models on GoCar Subs’ platform are the New Honda City, New Nissan Almera Turbo, New Proton X50 and New Mitsubishi Xpander.

Under GoCar’s streamlined ‘One Price’ structure, all four models are offered in the EXEC category with the options of one-year, two-year and three-year subscription plans.


Why buy? Subscribe!

Given the all-inclusive fees under GoCar Subs, customers will enjoy more total savings when they opt for the subscription model as compared to a hire-purchase loan, which does not cover the cost of ownership.

The table below details the total costs in the first year for a 36-month subscription of the four new models vs. a five-year hire-purchase loan – the most common loan tenure as consumers generally tend to purchase a new car after five years.


Furthermore, customers of GoCar Subs not only benefit from the most affordable multi-brand car subscription programme in the market, they also need not worry about being locked-in to long-term loan tenures and vehicle depreciation costs.

GoCar Subs – Swap Between X50, Almera, City, Xpander

With GoCar Subs’ ‘SWAP’, customers have flexibility of swapping to any model in the garage, with the option of two swaps per year. All they have to do is make a one-time swapping fee of RM250 and they will have access to three different models to suit their needs. The monthly fee and security deposit is adjusted accordingly based on the category of models they select.

gocar subs

As such, customers are able to experience all the new models available – start with the Almera, then try out the X50 and then move on to the Xpander and City later in their subscription term. Customers can also select any other model available within the garage.

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