Ford Ranger Raptor on its way at below RM199,000
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Ford Ranger Raptor on its way at below RM199,000

Joining the Ford pickup truck lineup in 2018 will be this new variant, the Ford Ranger Raptor. This is the high-performance off-road truck you’ve been waiting for. This new Ranger pickup truck will carry the American Ford Raptor nose (pictured below is the US made Raptor) and some enhancements under the sizeable skin to give it the title truck of the year.

This Ranger Raptor will arrive sometime in the middle of 2018 and it is highly likely that it will get a beefed-up powertrain and suspension system. The Ranger Raptor will also get thicker all-terrain tires, as well as an increased ride height. Price should reach a lofty RM199,000 or so as the indicated price in Thailand has been set at 1.6 million baht.

More details about the Ranger Raptor will be released soon.

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