Ferrari Portofino M Launched in Malaysia, RM998k
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Ferrari Portofino M Launched in Malaysia, RM998k

Ferrari Portofino M

Naza Italia, the official importer and distributor of the Ferrari brand in Malaysia, has introduced the Ferrari Portofino M to the Malaysian market.

The ‘M’ in its moniker stands for ‘Modificata’, which in Ferrari nomenclature refers to cars that have undergone a boost in performance. 

Ferrari Portofino M

Powering the Ferrari Portofino M is a 3,855 cc engine producing 612 hp and 760 Nm of torque, which is 20 hp more than the Ferrari Portofino. To achieve these performance levels, the Ferrari engineers used new cam profiles to increase valve lift and optimise combustion chamber filling.

A speed sensor was also added to the turbocharger assembly to measure the turbine revolutions. This in turn allowed the maximum revolutions per minute of the turbine to be increased by 5,000 rpm.

Ferrari Portofino M

Lastly, to comply with the strictest pollution emissions standards, a Gasoline Particulate Filter has been included in the exhaust system. The GPF allows the car to comply with the strictest European anti-pollution standards (Euro-6D) without compromising driving pleasure. 

The 8-speed gearbox is a completely new unit compared to the previous 7-speed version and is based on the dual-clutch oil bath architecture.

It differs from the SF90 Stradale’s 8-speed transmission in its longer gear ratios and the introduction of a mechanical reverse gear. The new layout and integration of its components have also optimised the gearbox’s size and its installation in the car.

The car also comes with Variable Boost Management software developed by Ferrari that adjusts torque delivery to suit the gear selected. The result is increasingly powerful pick-up as revs rise, whilst optimising fuel consumption.

Ferrari Portofino M

The new clutch module is 20% smaller but delivers 35% more torque, with up to a maximum 1,200 Nm of dynamic torque transmitted when gear shifting. The transmission software strategy has also been evolved with a more powerful ECU.

The Portofino M also sports the vehicle dynamics control system known as Side Slip Control (SSC), and five driving modes – Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race, and ESC-Off.

Ferrari Portofino M Malaysia

Design wise, the Ferrari Portofino M’s  front bumper incorporates imposing, sculptural air intakes that lend a decisive, aggressive look to the front of the car.  They also feature a new air vent at wheelarch height, added because of the need to reduce the car’s overall drag.

The grille features new aluminium slats with contrasting faceted tips that highlight this noble material.

Ferrari Portofino M

At the rear, we have a new exhaust system, and a more streamlined and sculptural bumper.

The rear diffuser has been completely redesigned and is now separate to the bumpers. This allows clients to be able to specify it in carbon-fibre, which further underscores the car’s sporty character.

Last but not least, there are the diamond-finish wheels designed exclusively for the Ferrari Portofino M.

Ferrari Portofino M

Inside, a central horizontal aluminium blade divides the instrument panel, air conditioning vents and passenger display into separate areas in the upper section.

The other control functions are located in the scooped section below, with a 10.25-inch touchscreen at the centre.

Ferrari Portofino M

The seats are the product of a special research project and have an innovative magnesium structure. Different density padding and an ultra-compact seatback profile have freed up space for rear occupants too.

Also available is three-level ventilation for the seat and backrest, and the very popular neck warmer for use in winter months.

The infotainment system functions are controlled via the touchscreen handily located at the centre of the dash within easy reach of both driver and passenger.

Designed to be as quick and accessible as possible in terms of usage and content, it includes a full HD multi-touch capacitive screen with Split View to allow different types of content to be viewed simultaneously. Both Apple Car Play and Android Auto are also available.

Priced from RM998,000 before options and duties, the Ferrari Portofino M comes with  an extended seven-year maintenance programme which covers all regular maintenance for the first seven years of the car’s life.

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