Eight MAN TGX tractor units for Audi Sport
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Eight MAN TGX tractor units for Audi Sport


Since 2009 Audi Sport has relied on tractor units from MAN to transport its DTM and LMP racing vehicles to race weekends across Europe. But also spare parts, mobile conference rooms, medical facilities and rooms for engineers are driven along Europe’s highways. Eight new MAN TGX tractor units are arriving exactly on time to be used for the highlights of the season, the 24-hour race at Le Mans and the DTM race on the Norisring.

The top model MAN TGX 18.560 4×2 BLS is tailor-made for confident and efficient driving at low engine speeds. The XXL driver’s cab with its leather upholstery offers plenty of space and meets the highest demands for comfort. Under the driver’s cab is the newest generation of MAN engines. The D38 engine was introduced two years ago for long-haul transport, with a power output of 560 PS. The maximum torque is an impressive 2700 Nm. Equipped with the combination of MAN EfficientCruise and EfficientRoll, maximum cost-effectiveness is ensured. The EfficientCruise function uses 3D mapping data saved in the on-board computer as a predictive cruise control, in conjunction with vehicle positioning using satellite signals (GPS). This means the vehicle automatically drives in a forward-looking manner – in other words, it builds up momentum before an incline and then reduces speed to roll over the brow of the hill. An additional function, EfficientCruise activates EfficientRoll whenever this would result in a real fuel saving. To do so, the automatic MAN TipMatic transmission puts the vehicle in coasting mode on slight downhill motorway and main road gradients.

The six MAN TGX 18.480 4×2 BLS offer just as much in terms of equipment as their two bigger brothers. These tractor units are also in use by Audi Sport with the XXL driver’s cab. The engine from the D26 engine series has an output of 480 PS and provides a maximum torque of 2500 Nm in the two top gears of the MAN TipMatic automatic 12-speed transmission.

Both vehicle types are fitted with MAN’s latest generation of vehicle safety systems. These not only fulfil the current required standards, but even today they already substantially exceed the braking performance required by law from 2018.

When asked what the drivers think of the new MAN TGX tractor unit, it didn’t take long for Dieter Gass, the head of DTM at Audi Sport, to answer: “The TGX is the ideal vehicle for our purposes. There’s plenty of space, and the beds are very comfortable. Especially for longer trips, the vehicles offer lots of driving and living comfort. The multitude of assistance systems to make driving safer is especially pleasant. With MAN we especially appreciate the efficiency, reliability and the service network nationally and internationally.”

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