DAF optimises engines for better fuel economy
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DAF optimises engines for better fuel economy


In order to further increase efficiency, DAF’s PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines have been optimised. 

With an already excellent reputation for fuel efficiency, the PACCAR MX-11 and MX-13 engines are now up to 2 per cent more economical, of course depending on application and conditions. Multi-pulse injection also means that the engines run even more quietly than before.

The PACCAR MX-13 engine optimizations not only improve fuel efficiency, they also have a positive influence on the performance of the engine brake. With a 20 per cent increase in power, the engine brake is an excellent alternative to a retarder for the majority of applications. The MX Engine Brake – which can now be controlled from the steering column in three stages – offers significant cost, weight and fuel consumption benefits. 

Eco Mode is a new standard feature on all Euro 6 CF and XF models with PACCAR MX engine. Eco Mode reduces engine torque by 10% in the first eleven gears, again reducing fuel consumption in daily use by approximately 1%. Most driving conditions don’t require full acceleration, and maximum torque can easily be made available at the touch of a button. 


Predictive Cruise Control is a great example of the DAF Transport Efficiency philosophy. This option is available – combined with Predictive Shifting – on the Euro 6 CF and XF. Both sophisticated technologies have been developed by DAF’s engineering team and contribute to enhanced vehicle efficiency. 

Predictive Cruise Control uses advanced GPS-technology to determine the exact position of the vehicle and to know which driving conditions have to be taken account of over the next 1 to 2 kilometres. In fact, the system ‘looks’ ahead and anticipates slopes and descents. 

Within the specified range, Predictive Cruise Control determines the ideal speed and Predictive Shifting selects the ideal gear. 

Thanks to these features, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by as much as 3 per cent, specifically over hilly routes. 

That said, all product innovations for 2015 are part of DAF’s Transport Efficiency programme aimed at further increasing truck efficiency through lower operational costs and maximum vehicle availability. The many services behind the product play an important role in achieving this. PACCAR Parts ensures first class parts supply, while DAF’s unrivalled International Truck Service (ITS) guarantees maximum uptime. PACCAR Financial Services offers attractive financing solutions for low operational costs. 

MultiSupport Repair and Maintenance contracts include the option of Uptime Plus with additional services and features to optimise revenues. This is a great example of how the DAF Transport Efficiency programme not only includes the most efficient trucks, but also represents a full range of services to maximise the profitability of the transport operator.

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